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Data, in short, is a collection of raw information, including text, numbers, images, audio, or video. The contacts on your email list, the number of donations you received in the past year, or the records you keep in your volunteer spreadsheet are examples of data you may have in your organization. But data for data's sake is meaningless. To make data actionable, you must shape, process, and interpret it. That's where data analysis comes in for NPO’s.

Data analysis is the process of transforming data into knowledge. Through data analysis, data becomes relevant, useful, and valuable. It enables you to make informed decisions and take your nonprofit organization to the next level.

What Services Are Included in These Sectors Which Tech2Globe Provides?

The Most important service which Tech2Globe provides to this sector is to collect data strategically. The journey to creating a data-driven culture begins with defining a clear data strategy. Collecting as much data as possible, regardless of what you want to do with it, is not effective.

With a clear strategy in mind, Tech2Globe identifies the data that you need to track. The proper analysis of what you need to store your data somewhere where you can continue to update and add information. Depending on your needs and capabilities, Tech2Globe will provide all the soft wares needed for your organization.

Keeping data clean starts with ensuring data consistency. Inconsistent data handling can quickly affect data quality. It's critical to make sure everyone is on the same page. Whether or not you are collecting and entering data automatically, it is important to systematize your data entry. For example, you must implement consistent conventions for names and contact information.

Why Choose Tech2Globe?

Tech2Globe is a very organization who has a very experienced team for maintaining all data’s of a non-profit organization in a very constant form. Tech2Globe are very efficient in maintaining a good balance in everything which Tech2Globe are doing right now.

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