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Every business must simplify the complex process of accurately and timely preparing salaries for its employees for more prolonged success!

How do you manage varying wage structures while accounting for reimbursements, loan advances, leaves, and other dynamic inputs? Can you handle all this while adhering to statutory and tax requirements (which change regularly)? If not, consider working with Tech2Globe.

To deliver end-to-end business payroll processing, we assure complete confidentiality while providing transparent employee communication, meeting legislative requirements, and performing fundamental payroll calculations.

Why Does Your Business Need To Have Payroll Processing Services?

Tech2Globe specializes in payroll management services, with 99% accuracy provided by a team of highly qualified chartered accountants focusing solely on the payroll.



Payroll processing can be time-consuming, especially if you have many employees. By outsourcing payroll processing to Tech2Globe, businesses can save time and focus on other essential tasks.



Payroll processing services are trained to handle payroll calculations and ensure that employee pay is accurate and timely. It helps to reduce errors and the risk of overpaying or underpaying employees.



Online payroll processing keeps up-to-date with changing tax laws and regulations. It can be the best option for businesses to stay compliant and avoid potential fines or penalties.



Outsourcing payroll processing can save businesses money in the long run. It can be more cost-effective than hiring in-house staff or training existing employees to handle payroll.



Payroll processing services can be customized to meet the specific needs of a business. Our services allow companies to choose the level of support they need, whether it be full-service payroll or just assistance with particular tasks.

Services You Can Take Advantage Of

With our payroll management services, we can provide every possible guidance and support to help businesses make a smooth transition.


Calculating And Distributing Paychecks To Employees

Our payroll management services experts calculate paychecks based on employee pay rates, hours worked, and any applicable bonuses or commissions. The service then distributes pay to employees via direct deposit or paper checks.


Deducting Taxes And Other Deductions From Employee Pay

We calculate and deduct taxes and other deductions from employee pay, including federal and state income taxes, social security and Medicare taxes, and other required deductions.


Preparing And Filing Tax Forms

Our payroll processing services include preparing and filing tax forms on behalf of businesses, including W-2s for employees and 1099s for contractors. It helps companies to stay compliant with tax laws and avoid potential fines or penalties.


Tracking And Reporting On Employee Utilization

We offer tools to help businesses track and report on employee utilization. This can be especially useful for companies with hourly employees or those that need to follow time for billing or other purposes.


Providing Online Access To Pay Stubs And Tax Forms

Tech2Globe offers online access to pay stubs and tax forms, which can be convenient for employees and more accessible for businesses to manage.


Handling Requests For Direct Deposit Or Paper Checks

We can handle employee requests for direct deposit or paper checks and ensure that pay is distributed accurately and timely.


Responding To Employee Inquiries About Pay Or Benefits

For our payroll processing services, we have customer service teams available to answer employee questions about pay or benefits and help resolve any issues that may arise.


Staying Up-To-Date With Changing Tax Laws And Regulations

We keep up-to-date with changing tax laws and regulations to help businesses stay compliant and avoid potential fines or penalties.

We Have Served Across Almost All Industries

Take the stress out of payroll with our Tech2Globe’s accurate and reliable payroll solutions!



Our payroll processing services typically work by collecting payroll information from businesses, including employee pay rates, hours worked, and deductions. We then calculate paychecks, prepare and file tax forms, and distribute payments to employees via direct deposit or paper checks. Also, we offer additional features such as online access to pay stubs and tax forms and support for tracking and reporting on employee hours worked.
Without a doubt, Yes! Tech2Globe’s payroll processing services take security seriously and typically use various measures to protect sensitive employee and payroll information. These may include data encryption, secure servers, and restricted access to sensitive data.
Yes, a business can switch from in-house payroll to a payroll processing service. Our process typically involves transitioning employee and payroll information to the new service and setting up procedures for collecting and submitting payroll information.
The cost of our payroll processing services can vary depending on the specific needs of a business. Some of our services charge a flat fee per employee per pay period, while others charge based on the number of payroll transactions or the level of service provided.