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Best Accounts Receivable Services

We believe Accounts receivable services should be outsourced to boost collection rates by producing faster payments and reducing customer support conversations. As a top accounts receivable solution provider, we assist you in optimizing your receivables in order to strengthen your working capital. We utilize a variety of electronic billing alternatives, standardized workflows, and compliant processes to reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and enhance collection. By combining our technology solutions with trained and qualified employees, we are able to offer measurable outcomes.

What Professional Tools Do We Use For Our Accounts Receivable Services?

Let us handle the accounts receivable stresses so you can focus on success!

Managing your cash flow is critical, and when it comes the obligation of only granting loans to credit-worthy customers. Take advantage of our cutting-edge accounts receivable management services tools, which is designed to assist you in monitoring and recovering client credit on time. Our proficient tools automates invoicing and collection operations, allowing you to handle your accounts receivable in a timely, efficient, and automated manner. We utilize the following financial software:


Slick Pie
Power Bi

Steps Involved In Our Account Receivable Services Process

The stages involved in our account receivable services may fluctuate depending on the size of the company.


Create Credit Practices

Being your accounts receivable management partner, we first establish a credit application process. It will decide whether to give items on credit based on the applicant's creditworthiness. It is up to the organization to determine whether to extend credit to individual customers or other businesses.


Customer Invoicing And Billing

We then go for customer invoice and billing at the secondary stage! A receipt is a document that a customer receives after purchasing specified products or services. The receipt contains information such as the cost of the items/services rendered, the specifics of the same, and the payment date. Every invoice has a unique invoice number that may be easily retrieved. They are provided in either physical or electronic form, depending on the customer's preference. Most businesses prefer electronic invoices because they are more cost-effective and convenient.


Account Receivable Monitor

When we are done with invoicing, the following step is to track accounts receivable with the assistance of an Accounts Receivables Officer. Our professionals will review the payment that was deposited into the supplier's bank account, enter it into the AR system, and assign it to an invoice.


Account Receivable Accounting

Lastly, our team member establishes the due date for both bad and outstanding debts. Following the inspection of the unpaid bills by the official, the accounting department will create journal entries to document the transactions. Furthermore, the accounts department will be taking care for validating early reductions made.

What Makes Us The Most Reliable Accounts Receivable Partner?

Our team of skilled accounts receivable management services specialists can provide customized account-handling solutions based on your company's needs. Some of the reasons you should outsource accounts receivable to us include:

Best Quality Services

To ensure that all of our deliverables are of the greatest quality, we use TQM and other quality improvement techniques.

Data Safety

We assure data confidentiality by implementing strong data security procedures. This reduces the possibility of data breaches and misuse.

Rapid Turnaround Time

Our accounts receivable services are rapid and assure speedier payments as a leading AR service provider.

Quick Information Access

We combine print, postal, and electronic deliveries into a single source and enable instant access to all documents.



Yes. We only use the greatest and most up-to-date software, technology, and infrastructure. You can save money by outsourcing since we employ the best software and technology available.
Our accounts receivable agency typically offers a range of services, including invoicing, payment processing, credit and collections, and financial reporting. We also offer additional services such as dispute resolution, customer communication, and data management.
We typically charge a percentage of the total amount collected as our fee for a few specific services. While for some other services we also charge a flat fee or a combination of both.
Being the best in this business, Tech2Globe AR agency we always follow strict confidentiality policies in place to protect your business's information. We also use secure systems and processes to handle and transmit sensitive data.