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We help maximize efficiency and minimize risk with our professional accounts payable process.

Accounts payable (AP) has developed from a tactical, transaction-focused procedure to a strategic business function that optimizes working capital, allows for better business savings, and aids in the improvement of supplier relationships.

Tech2Globe works with Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies to transform their accounts payable process and increase business value by optimizing working capital and reducing operating costs, increasing control and transparency, increasing efficiency through standardization, and saving money.

Why Choose Tech2Globe’s Account Payable Services?

Be its in-depth analysis and comprehensive accounts payable solutions; we have solutions for all your financial problems!


Scanning Of Documents And Mails

Tech2Globe's mailroom and invoice scanning services assist you in centralizing the receipt of all invoices, whether paper, fax, or digital. Using best-in-class imaging technology and unique reference codes, your invoices are transformed into digital format. Our accounts payable outsourcing services allow your resources to focus on more strategic efforts by relieving them of time-consuming and labor-intensive paperwork and data entry.


Capturing And Matching Invoice Data

Our automatic invoice data capture technique, which employs OCR technology, ensures precise invoice data extraction. All standard invoice data and additional important information are gathered and submitted to your ERP system. Quality checks at multiple levels assure error-free data capture and compliance.


Management Of Invoice Exceptions

Invoicing exceptions and errors can cause payment delays to suppliers, impede your working capital, and result in the loss of early payment discount opportunities. Tech2Globe recognizes and manages these invoice exceptions while collaborating with your requestors/buyers and suppliers to resolve and expedite payments.


Payment Processing For Invoices

Tech2Globe offers payment processing solutions to assist you in making on-time invoice payments by optimizing payment runs based on due dates and turnaround periods specified in your contract. Using our revolutionary, cloud-based source-to-pay software platform, you can improve cash flow and produce significant savings for your company by capturing early payment discounts.


Invoice Auditing And Cost Recovery

Our experts review the invoices and vendor statements included in the scope to discover and validate any cost recovery opportunities, identify the main causes of differences, and assist you in reconciling and making financial recoveries. We provide a plan of action to optimize your contracts and payment terms, improve your procure-to-pay process, promote compliance, and prevent future leaks.

Why Does Your Business Need Accounts Payable Services From Our Expert Agency?

We eliminate the headache of your accounts payable management.


Time and resource savings

Managing and processing accounts payable can be a time-consuming task. By leveraging our accounts payable outsourcing services, your business can free up time and resources to focus on other areas.


Improved cash flow management

Our accounts payable service can ensure that payments are made on time, which helps to improve cash flow management and prevent late fees.


Increased efficiency

We can streamline and automate the payment process, increasing efficiency and reducing errors.


Improved supplier relationships

You can maintain good relationships with your suppliers and avoid any potential disputes by making timely payments.


Enhanced security

Our professional accounts payable service provides additional security measures to protect against fraud and errors.


Increased accuracy

Our experts improve the accuracy of payment processing, which can reduce the risk of mistakes and errors.

Additional Services You May Take Advantage Of

Invoice processing

This involves reviewing and verifying invoices to ensure that the goods or services have been received and the amounts are correct.

Payment management

This involves scheduling and making payments to suppliers promptly.

Expense management

This includes tracking and managing company expenses and reconciling expenses with invoices.


Our accounts payable services provide detailed reports on the company's accounts payable, including outstanding balances, payment history, and other relevant information.

Fraud prevention

We can help identify and prevent fraudulent activity, such as submitting fake invoices.

International payments

If a company does business with suppliers in other countries, we help them to facilitate cross-border payments.



Our accounts payable service typically gets started when our clients outsource their services with an immediate impact. We then handle all aspects of the outsource accounts payable services, including reviewing and approving invoices, reconciling vendor statements, and making payments to vendors. Some of our accounts payable services also offer additional services such as spend management and vendor management.
Several reasons a business might choose to use our accounts payable service. Some businesses may need more resources or expertise to manage their accounts payable in-house, while others want to outsource this function to focus on their core business operations. Our accounts payable service can also help a business improve its cash flow management and reduce the risk of errors or fraud.
The cost of our accounts payable service may vary depending on the specific services being offered or asked for. For some accounts payable services, we charge a flat fee; in others, we charge a percentage of the invoices processed. It's important for businesses to carefully consider the costs and benefits of different accounts payable services before making a decision.
As with any outsourcing arrangement, there are risks to using an accounts payable service. These can include the risk of data breaches or loss of confidential information, as well as the risk of errors or fraud. But we know how to carefully evaluate the security and reliability of any accounts payable service before agreeing. So, you do not have to think much about this.

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