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What is Data Conversion?

Data conversion is the process of transforming one data format to another so that a file, program, or database can run effectively. Using various industry tools and software, you can convert paper documents into digital documents.

One of the data entry subfields that is expanding as a high-development service is data conversion . From global corporations to small enterprises, data is the driving force behind major operations. For all your data conversion wants, you can trust Tech2Globe Web Solution, a reliable and leading service provider and data conversion consultant . The ability to edit data converted from any format, including paper documents as well as handwritten documents, is now possible. Furthermore, organizations can now utilize gigabits of data without ever printing a page. More crucially, any number of people can edit, exchange, look through, and collect that knowledge simultaneously with these coherent solutions.

Tech2Globe has established itself as a top provider of data conversion services by offering practical assistance to clients around the world without compromising on quality.

What are data conversion services?

Data conversion, like other computing technology, is always evolving, and there are a variety of data conversion services available, which help different types of organizations make better use of their data.


HTML conversion

This is for converting Word, PDF, and PowerPoint files into HTML so search engines can read them more easily.


PDF conversion

The most common electronic file format for converting Word and MS Excel files.


Document conversion

This conversion can be done to change your file formats to the most compatible one when they are no longer compatible.


Word formatting

When the custom words are formatted in a creative, eye-catching, and professional manner that appeals to a broader audience, word formatting is used to make a more substantial impact.


Electronic Document Management

EDM manages all critical business documents to cut costs and time spent gathering and maintaining electronic data.


SGML conversion

To convert high-value files, SGML is used by corporate businesses, academic institutions, and government agencies.


Format conversion

This conversion process is all about converting the data from one format to another to meet the regular business requirements.


Book conversion

Large volumes of information businesses produce are converted from digital format to e-books for easier sharing.

Types Of Data Conversion Services We Offer

Tech2Globe Web Solutions, a leading data entry company, provides a broad range of data conversion services to meet various corporate needs. Our offerings consist of the following

Document Conversion

For document processing services , we turn physical documents into digital formats like PDF, Word, Excel, or any other preferred format. Our experts have first-hand industry know-how to handle physical documents, including paper files, forms, invoices, and receipts. This lowers the cost of storage and allows for easy access and searchability.

Image Conversion

Our professionals are capable of Image converting a variety of image formats, including TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and GIF, into editable formats. Doing so may improve image quality, extract useful information from them, and make them compatible with other platforms.

EBook Conversion

We can assist you if you have content that has to be turned into eBooks. To ensure compatibility with e-readers and mobile devices, we convert documents, manuscripts, or any other text-based information into a variety of eBook formats, including ePub, MOBI, and PDF.

XML/HTML Conversion

We can transform your content into structured formats using our XML/HTML conversion services. This will assist you in utilizing that content in content management systems, online platforms, and web publishing. We make sure that your material complies with industry standards and is optimized for search engines.

Data Entry Conversion

As a perfect data entry outsourcing company, accurate and error-free data conversion is another addition to our services. No matter what type of data conversion you require, we can reform data from one format to another. Furthermore, if you have content from databases, spreadsheets, or any other source—our team will handle it expertly.

Database Conversion

With over 14 years of experience, our professionals have the procedure on their tips to handle your data easily. Whether you need to migrate from one database system to another or convert data from legacy systems, we can do it for you. Experience the difference with our specialized data conversion services at every step of your data journey.

The following are more of our data conversion services that we gladly help our clients with. You can avail of these services for your business requirements. Furthermore, we can plan and tailor our services as per the unique objectives of your business. Apart from that, you can get the Word Formatting Services

  • Figma to HTML Conversion Services
  • Zeplin to HTML Conversion Services
  • Sketch to HTML Conversion Services
  • Electronic Document Management (EDM)
  • XML Conversion Services
  • Book Conversion Services
  • Document Digitizing Services
  • File Format Conversion Services
  • SGML Conversion Services
  • PSD to HTML Conversion Services
  • JATS XML Conversion
  • XBRL Conversion Services
  • PubMed Conversion Services
  • DTBook Conversion Services

Flexible Data Conversion Options Designed to Meet Your Business's Requirements

You may have heard of the famous quote- "A customer is an important visitor on our premises; he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him." Inspired by these words, Tech2Globe understands the importance of offering data conversion services and offers customization options to meet customers' requirements. The options we provide are customizable to align with your specific business needs including transformation of data from one format to another or moving data between platforms, we ensure a customized solution that complements the way you work.

We've got your back when it comes to converting data. Your data remains accessible and usable across several apps when you choose our services. In addition, efficiency and quality plays an important part in our services, and we strive to achieve efficiency without sacrificing quality of work. You can get quick results with our data translation processes while causing little disturbance to your company's day-to-day working.

Whether you're looking to migrate to a new system, integrate diverse datasets, or streamline your data formats, Tech2Globe's flexible data conversion options are designed to meet the unique demands of your business—partner with us for a seamless and reliable data transformation experience.

Why Tech2Globe for Data Conversion Services?

Outsource data conversion services to USA to Tech2Globe for quick and satisfactory results. To ease your concerns regarding the final product's quality, hidden costs, and project status, Tech2Globe will first analyze your data requirements. We'll then plan a work frame for indexing, imaging, and project management.

Industry Expertise

With years of industry experience and serving several Fortune 500 companies, we have perfected our data conversion service and management prowess. Highly qualified individuals who comprehend the intricacies of data conversion and can easily handle challenging assignments make up our team. To guarantee that you receive the best services possible, we keep up with the most recent trends and technologies.

Precision And Quality Control

We are aware of the significance of precise data conversion. Every converted file is thoroughly examined as part of our rigorous quality check procedures to preserve accuracy and consistency. Additionally, to reduce errors and provide quality products, we have built various layers of quality control. To support you more, we can offer data management services , to organize and maintain a flow of your company’s data.

Data Security

We live in a world where cyber security is evolving every day to support smart tech users effectively. Therefore, we prioritize maintaining the security and confidentiality of your data. Our team adheres to industry standards and stringent data protection procedures set by us. Furthermore, we have the resources and expertise to transform enormous quantities of physical documents, out-of-date digital files, or various data sources into usable digital assets.

Timely Delivery

We respect your time and recognise the importance of completing projects on schedule. As a leading player among data conversion companies , our professionals are dedicated to meeting deadlines while maintaining the highest level of quality. To set realistic deadlines and give frequent updates on the status of your project, we work directly with you.

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Data conversion services

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Frequently Asked Questions

The volume and complexity of your data will determine how long the data conversion procedure takes. After reviewing your unique requirements and the magnitude of your project, we will give you a timeline.

Definitely! Tech2Globe is well-versed in managing projects of any scale or complexity because we have the necessary infrastructure, resources, and knowledge. Large-scale data conversion activities can be completed without error thanks to our scalable solutions.

A variety of file types are supported by us, including but not limited to PDF, Word, Excel, XML, HTML, ePub, MOBI, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and GIF. We can also comply with your particular format needs.

Data conversion outsourcing is significantly cost-effective than hiring an in-house staff for it. Tech2Globe, as one of the leading data conversion companies, can easily help you customize services per your budget and requirements. The cost of a project is directly proportional to its load, objectives, and technical expertise required. You can reach out to us via mail on

We offer a comprehensive suite of data conversion services. From transforming physical documents into digital formats, converting images and eBooks, to structured XML/HTML conversions and more.

Why not? Outsourcing to us guarantees skilled management of your data conversion requirements. With over 14 years of expertise, we offer efficient and accurate services, letting you to concentrate on your main business while we handle your data translation.

As a well-established Data Conversion Company, we have experts who maintain highest quality data and meet the target date. Our service, which makes us reliable, includes mapping, validation, and ensuring data integrity for seamless data transformation.