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Your sales can get impacted if your customers leave negative reviews for the products. One fake review could make your Amazon selling account go down in seconds. Reviews authenticate your company’s website and sell without competition from counterfeiters. Third-party sellers and brand owners are eligible for the program. For example, if a third-party seller attempts to "hijack" a product by selling counterfeit items, their products will be blocklisted and not delivered to the customer. Use Amazon Transparency Program to improve your product SEO and organic ranking if you want your items to appear at the top of Amazon SERPs so that buyers don't confuse your brand with a counterfeited listing.

Is Amazon Transparency Right For Your Products?

Differentiate Your Products

Amazon transparency eliminates those products which are misleading your website's brand vision.

Minimize The Returns

Brands always work to reduce the rate of refunds for counterfeit products.

Negative Reviews

Always leave positive reviews for your product to ensure every customer is buying online.

Why partner with Tech2Globe for
the amazon transparency program?


We'll ensure that all your units are authentic & shipped to the customers safely with a valid transparency code.

Engaging Customers

We connect with the post-purchase decisions of customers with an Amazon shopping app that allows them to scan Amazon transparency codes and access authentic content.

Supply Chain Optimization

Tech2Globe has a team of experts excelling at the Amazon transparency program to help you gain additional crucial insights at the batch or lot level to get solutions with minimal disruption.

Amazon Transparency Program Process

Choosing The Products

Select the items in which you want to enroll.

Applying Code

Transparency codes must be applied to your selected items.


Only genuine goods are shipped after amazon transparency codes are scanned.


Customers can scan to prove the legitimacy of a product regardless of where they purchased it.


Use product data, photos, videos, promotions, and other media to interact with customers.


You can get the print and shipment within 48 business hours. For your convenience, fast service is also available.
Labels cost $10.25 – $18.25 per thousand labels, depending on the client's requirement. If you want to customize your transparency program, contact us.
Yes, new brand owners or ecommerce sites need to register for transparency for their brand at Amazon.
Transparency is currently available in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, and India. Customers can use the Transparency app to verify the authenticity of products enrolled in Transparency anywhere Transparency has launched, as well as the Amazon Shopping app in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia.