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Insurance claim entry is the credible service for asserting the reimbursement gave by the separate insurance carrier. If your organization, the business required data entry of different case forms then outsource your requirement to Tech2Globe. As an insurance agency, you manage huge volumes of information. This information should be moved into a database-ready format so as to rapidly confirm claims and make right payments. Data entry is a dreary and tedious activity which leaves you with fewer assets to deal with different business-related action, for example, decreasing expenses and providing efficient customer service.

Tech2Globe is a leading data entry company in India that represents considerable authority in insurance claim data entry and insurance claim processing services. We have tremendous involvement with taking care of mass insurance claim entry projects from various parts of the world. Tech2Globe use best technology to serve insurance claim entry to insurance agencies, different businesses, or associations over the world.

Consider outsourcing your insurance claims data entry services to Tech2Globe. We are driving suppliers of data processing services for insurance companies and third party administrators. We have a trained group of full-time data entry experts who can accurately capture information from printed copy insurance claim forms and enter it into a database format of your decision.

By outsourcing insurance claims data entry services, you can change your important information into a database-ready format very soon, while focusing your attention on your center business activities.

What we offer for Insurance Claims Data Entry Services?

Outsource insurance claims data entry services and preparing needs to an offshore service provider to Tech2Globe is a keen choice, as it gives information in a database-ready format for quick verification of cases and guarantees right payments. You additionally increase a wide scope of advantages including,

  • Huge savings in time and cost
  • Improved levels of accuracy
  • Reduced physical storage space utilized by putting away paper records
  • HIPAA compliant solutions
  • On-request medical call center solution
  • Workflow integration with your current EMR, CRM, or CMS
  • Provision of an electronic representation of a unique paper page or report
  • Fast recovery of page or report when combined with an indexing system
  • Improved report access between numerous clients and locations

Our wide range of insurance data entry services covers different sorts of data entry, data mining, data extraction, enormous volume data processing, information change, insurance claims handling, and forms processing. All of our services are adaptable and financially savvy. Reach us with your insurance claims data entry needs and we will get back with a free statement within 24 hours.

Our Developers Know All Languages

Tech2Globe offers the larger and most cost-efficient answers for online and offline data entry. We execute a heavy diversity of online data entry services in numerous languages - English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian and many more that’s why we are called as bilingual operators.

Process for Insurance Claims Data Entry Services

Tech2Globe utilizes the following procedure to perform your insurance claims data entry work; the means are as per the following:

Gather Claims

Tech2Globe gather your insurance claims files and discuss about your data entry necessities with our master group to choose proper methods for your insurance data entry work.

Enter Data

After gathering the information, our expert data entry operators perform insurance claims data entry work with full concentration and give precise outcomes.

Quality Check

To make your database error free and give you high consumer loyalty, we play out a quality check round on the insurance claims database and guarantee you with error free outcomes.


Our customer support group will send you the last file of medical claims data entry services work to guarantee the ideal quality outcomes and you can likewise share your views with respect to our services to us.

Tools Tech2Globe use in Insurance Claims Data Entry Services

Tech2Globe has decided to spend significant time in insurance data processing because there are tremendous cost-savings for our customers accomplished by our innovation and experience.

By picking medical and insurance claims data entry services from Tech2Globe; your business gets the upside of partnering with an industry chief. We keep you in front of the competition by giving business-basic information, organized to your preferences. It would be ideal if you connect with us at info@tech2globe.com to find out about our insurance claims data entry services.


If you are interested in outsourcing your data entry requirements to us, please contact us online through our website or give our representative a call to fix an appointment.

The time taken for data entry job depends on the quantity of data to be input and the complexity involved in the input. It typically takes anywhere from 3 to 4 hours to a day or two to complete the data entry job assigned depending on how complicated the process is. Yes, it can be done online through a secured internet connection provided it is mentioned in the contract.

Data security is well taken care of by the outsourcing partners. It is the outsourcing partner’s responsibility to use tools and techniques to make sure data is handled safely with proper and secured backups to avoid loss of data and data leaks.

We have capability to handle small and vast projects with care. We have sufficient data entry professional team, process, technology and infrastructure to manage large number of complex projects at a time.

We are ready to sign non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and confidentiality agreement in this regard.

We proudly offer a trial of one week to get an overview of our services. You may cancel the trial, if you are not satisfied with the results driven by the trial.

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