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Translation Firms

Tech2Globe supports translation firms with effective digital distribution, standardization and internationalization of their content and data by making the structure of their information more reliable and consistent.

The project managers and data management professionals at Tech2Globe effectively work with our customers to assist them with changing and reuse their content, further consolidating the value of their data.

Why translation firms need data related services?

With regards to translating your content, it's not just about a language specialist cautiously translating one document after the other. There is an entire host of cycles that go into ensuring your content isn't just interpreted however stays on-brand whatever market your translated document is for.

Dealing with these translation processes on a small scale isn't a very remarkable issue utilizing standard business tools like spread sheets and databases. However, when volumes begin to rise and all the more new business sectors are entered, the complexity begins to increment significantly. There's likewise the time spent managing bigger projects and the expenses for paying translators – things can get hard to manage adequately rapidly.

High Accuracy Data Conversion from Tech2Globe

To meet your customized project requirements, we can undoubtedly redo the work processes of our data conversion processes. We have demonstrated ability and capacity in high-volume conversion of data/back documents. ISO 9001:2015 certified for Quality Management, we guarantee 99% and higher accuracies.

Content Conversion across Media and Coding Formats

Tech2Globe Data, supports your data conversion initiatives across a wide variety of media and coding/format including transforming data from hard copy/ image files/ digital files to HTML, HTML5, XML, or any file type of your choice; tagging and coding as per the client’s schema including HTML, XML, SGML, etc.; converting eBooks to Kindle, ePub, HTML5 and interactive formats, composite PDF from WORD/PDF/XML/ print version, etc.

Multi-language Content Conversion to Support Internationalization

  • For confidently and efficiently promoting your items and services in foreign parts, we offer exact data capture and change of content from its local language to multi-language.
  • We have a specialist group of translators, proven processes and productive tools and innovation to help unknown foreign language transformation from various source media, for example print records, PDF, WORD, DTP reports, filtered pictures, or microfilm and microfiche.
  • To uphold the translation of your foreign language content, we are furnished with incredible OCR technology along with human ability and machine helped translation.
  • With our moderate, data conversion and formatting services for translation firms, we uphold you in finding approaches to move your "localized" content to more expanded "globalized" multi language digital solutions.
  • We have tried and handled international language source content supporting eBooks, client manuals and different deliverables.

Discuss Your Project with Us

Tech2Globe can assist you with improving the viability of your content by ensuring the structure, quality and honesty of your information. For more data about our content or data conversion and formatting combined with translation or internationalization services, please get in touch with us.


Yes. By teaming with us, you can reduce your current operating expenses by a whopping 40–65% without compromising on quality or timelines. In fact, you will soon see a marked increase in your ROI, as our services are accurate, are of impeccable quality, and are always delivered ahead of schedule.

Tech2Globe offers the larger and most cost-efficient answers for online and offline data entry. We execute a heavy diversity of online data entry services in numerous languages - English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian and many more that’s why we are called as bilingual operators.

At Tech2Globe, we firmly believe in delivering quality services, so we hire only the best people. All our employees hold bachelors or master's degrees from reputed institutions, in business, engineering, computer science, commerce or the arts, and have a minimum of 2 to 5 years of experience. Our employees constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge through seminars and meetings.

Yes, we consider our long-term viability to be excellent. You need not have any reservations about teaming up with us, as we are completely debt-free. To ensure our viability, we always make it a point to sign outsourcing contracts or agreements.

Our 10 years of experience in outsourcing, combined with our low operating cost, flexibility, expertise, reliability, and integrity make us the best in the offshore market.

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