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When it comes to digital transformation, the call center sector has come a long way. Mobile computing, analytics, artificial intelligence, social networks, cloud computing, and other key technology advancements are being adopted by modern call centers. As a result, call centers must enhance their performance and streamline their existing duties.

Our super agent services offer decades of experience in both inbound and outbound call center services. As a result, we know what works and what doesn't in call center operations. Our service is the successful conclusion of decades of study into improving the security, efficiency, and compliance of call centers except for chatbots. Call center agents are unmistakably human, and people are prone to error. However, when you outsource super agent services, you can effortlessly supply your consumers with exceptionally correct and error-free information, thereby eliminating human faults.

Our Super-Agent Services

While traditional phone calls will become less common in the near future, human call center workers will still be required for complicated, sensitive transactions. Call centers, on the other hand, have one of the greatest turnover rates, losing more than 50% of its personnel each year. So, how do you train each agent to handle sensitive conversations while remaining incredibly professional, and how do you get our agent to perform what you want them to do? We have a team of specialists who help you with the exact same doubts.


Call Initiation

The software service begins in the background when your customer phones (inbound) or the customer care center executive calls (outbound). When a call is initiated, the phone system alerts the software, and all necessary data is delivered to the software, which then plays an introductory welcome.



Using pre-recorded voice files, our Super-Agent program communicates with the customer. The entire procedure is incredibly streamlined, and your human call center employee just uses the predefined keys to navigate the call. Throughout, the agent uses data from sources such as CRM, web services, and so on to intelligently connect with the customer. Our program is also capable of handling FAQs and human conversations.


Call End

When the call is finished, the phone system notifies the software once more. It transmits the call disposition and other required data directly to your CRM before resetting for the next call.

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How Can Our Services Help You Improve Call Center Workflow?

When you outsource super agent service, we can help to intelligently streamline your overall process so you get a fresh dynamism to stagnant ones in a variety of ways.

Mapping of Intelligent call flows

Your call center agents can use our proprietary software to access and use crucial data such as AHT, call waiting times, purchase history, customer information, and so on for increased call flow suggestions. As a result, when on a live call, your agents will always know what to say or do. The built-in text-to-speech recognition engine also works flawlessly in circumstances where personal user information is required, ensuring quick and easy customer verification with no mistakes.

Reduced Costs

Our application is ideal for call centers which see a high level of churn and cannot justify the amount of money spent on training new employees for lesser gain. The training is relatively easy to grasp, and your executives will pick it up in no time. This reduced workload and less high-rejection calls also means that there is less attrition as employee satisfaction remains high within your company.

Continuous Enhancement

Our licensed software's simplified interface and tools are particularly valuable for doing A/B tests, which can further aid in establishing call-flow efficiency and control damages as they arise. The program is fundamentally configurable to your specifications, and the built-in reporting capability comes in handy when it comes to modifying the sales pitch in real-time. Any successful new method can then be shared with other agents as a standard template, resulting in lower losses and higher sales statistics.

Increased Security

Our software has been certified to meet the PCI DSS standards, which guarantees secure and efficient payment processing while also protecting sensitive user information. This leads to reduced abandonment rates and enhanced credit card security against fraud and hacking attempts.

Why Avail Super-Agent Services From Tech2Globe?

All responses to customer queries and inputs are pre-recorded in our services, and we rely on our experience, research, and monitoring capabilities to provide comprehensive services as needed. As a result, you can outsource super agent services for more than just confidential calls; you can also use them for sales, surveys, lead generation, fund raising, and other purposes. Here are some benefits of utilizing our services

Better ROI

A streamlined approach guarantees that your earnings are maximized. According to our research, the number of workstations enabled with our software causes an exponential increase in revenue generated per hour for our clients.

Increased Productivity

You now have the capacity to perpetually produce the best aspects of a call center agent. This also ensures that a single call center agent can efficiently handle several calls. You can also save money by minimizing employee training expenses.


Outsource super agent services to us and adhere to the highest levels of regulatory compliance and, where required, make proactive disclosures. With our assistance, you can minimize fraud in your organization while also minimizing the time required to measure compliance.

Overall Process Improvement

With our assistance, you can simply measure, evaluate, enhance, and regulate your calls while systematically enhancing your service's overall reliability.



Our Super Agents are able to handle a wide range of issues, including technical support, billing and account issues, product and service questions, and general inquiries. They can also assist with more complex issues that may require a higher level of expertise or specialized knowledge.
The hours of operation for our "Super Agent" service will vary depending on the requirements. We offer you 24/7 support.
Yes, some of our services charge an additional fee for using a "Super Agent" service, while others may include it as part of the regular customer service offering.
Our Super Agents are highly trained and experienced agents. They are equipped to handle a wide range of issues, but some complex issues or special requests may require escalation to a higher level of support or specialized department.