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Via modern software development and even revolutionizing legacy technologies, Microsoft development services help companies accelerate creativity, metamorphosis, and novelty. Microsoft software also supports users and processes within the business, marketplace, and supply chains. In short, Microsoft is a global desktop and web application building framework that is versatile, reliable, and scalable. Microsoft develops the most efficient, robust, and usable technology solutions & platforms to improve efficiency and productivity.

To use the new and updated Microsoft stack & develop stable and designed applications to operate across all types of devices, Tech2Globe has prior experience and comprehensive knowledge. For the development and deployment of web-based software, Windows applications, workflow applications, Windows applications & mixed-mode applications, Tech2Globe offers Microsoft dot net development & testing services.

If you have some idea in your business mind and want to take advantage of the advanced Microsoft technologies to accelerate development in real life, meet our experts at the coffee table right now. We are waiting to hear your proposal eagerly;

Our Microsoft Development Technology Services

ajax development

Ajax jQuery Development

The development of Ajax jQuery enables code cooperation between different pages without reloading the current page.

sharepoint development

SharePoint Development

The SharePoint platform allows developers to create a content-driven, collaborative, scalable application.

.net applications

.Net Application

The .NET Framework's programming model allows developers to create Web-based applications, smart client applications, and applications for XML Web services.

Custom Microsoft Software Development:

  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • C# (Csharp) Development
  • Software Maintenance and Support
  • Software Integration
  • Dot Net development
  • Silverlight Development Services

Dot NET Development Services:

  • Developing Web, Mobile and Cloud Applications
  • Application Development based on ERP
  • System for Content Management
  • Application Integration of Legacy Systems
  • Application Development B2B & B2C
  • Support for End-to-End application development

Microsoft Cloud Services:

  • Switching Access Oriented solutions to Service-based Solutions
  • IaaS, PaaS, Development for Application Programs
  • Consulting, Development, and Implementation for Azure
  • Cloud Service Collaboration with Third Party
  • Services for Cloud Migration
  • Maintenance, Monitoring & Support

Our Expertise

  • Azure: Transform your thoughts with cloud services into solutions. Create and deploy where you want, as you wish.
  • .NET: .NET is an open-source, free, cross-platform developer platform for constructing several different applications.

Why Choose Tech2Globe?

Tech2Globe is a professional Microsoft Company with more than a decade of Microsoft technology solution experience. For our strategic expertise in Microsoft technology and in-depth knowledge of working with customers in our target verticals, businesses select Tech2Globe for Microsoft Services and Solutions. Tech2Globe, together with Microsoft, has helped customers transform their companies by transforming their processes, improving employee efficiency, offering valuable feedback, and enabling them to provide their end-customers with better experiences.

Our Microsoft Consulting Services provide our customers with creative and high-impact solutions across the entire Microsoft technology stack, including smart business apps, modern teamwork in the workplace, data & analytics, growth, and Azure cloud. As a solution provider in Microsoft Technology Development, Tech2Globe has rich expertise in Microsoft Technology Development, including design systems, the architecture of business solutions, Windows communications system, web service solutions, web portal pages, enterprise reporting, workflow engines, collaboration portals, solutions for office integration, and other Microsoft Solutions.

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We provide the experience and techniques of technology to develop creative solutions that help to adapt innovations to increase the expansion of the market and business performance. By empowering businesses and their people through Microsoft technologies, our services help clients improve productivity.

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