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Multi-Vendor B2B Ecommerce Software Solutions

E-commerce has grown too rapidly in recent years, with significant players showing an inclination towards the marketplace model. The giants of the market-led model are already businesses like Amazon and Alibaba.

Some of these markets, like Nykaa, are retail-based while others, like Zomato, are service-based sites. With a multi-vendor call, there are a lot of things you can do, as the possibilities are endless as nothing, but the creativity keeps you back.

The old rules are still useful in this new era of the development of e-commerce. Do not think that if he has an extensive product range to choose from, available at reasonable prices and an outstanding customer service that transforms him into a repeat buyer, every B2B customer will purchase from a B2B marketplace.

This is where an integrated platform provided by us as a B2B Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform to build marketplaces allows business owners from different areas of the business to connect and do company independent of regional boundaries. The platform acts as a medium to work together over a B2B or a C2C business condition between vendors, sellers and buyers.

Why start a Marketplace for B2B?

Today, it is not impossible to do business outside boundaries, but to manage the business effectively and to scale it requires technology that can support operations and prevent exceptions.

The B2B Marketplace Website Software Solution powered by Tech2Globe comes handy by providing you with a platform to combine suppliers, buyers at the same location and efficiently manage the sale process.

Business benefits in a B2B multi-vendor marketplace

  • Develop Your Ecosystem: Don't be fenced in by your upstream suppliers 'restrictions and your downstream clients' limitations. See beyond a full ecosystem where technology suppliers, financial service providers, complementary and even competing suppliers, to the good of everyone, participate in an exchange with new participants.

  • Enjoy Streams of New Revenue: Generate additional revenue streams, without increasing the overhead costs, from commissions, service fees, ads, technical service offerings, logistics services, and even payment processing. You can also broaden your brand offerings into new niches found within the marketplace once your marketplace is built, and benefit from new sources of revenue that you didn't even know existed.

Features For Multi-Vendor B2B Ecommerce Software Solutions

  • Home Page With Carousel Banner
  • Automatic/manual sliding home page banners enhance user focus and help increase ROI.

  • Layered Product Navigation
  • Navigation Category and Subcategory menu to view the items uploaded by the seller/administrator

  • Keyword and Location-Based Search
  • Based on product or category keywords and seller locations, search items

  • Customers/Vendors Registration
  • Users can register as buyers or sellers on the website using individual registration forms.

  • Vendor Dashboard View
  • Under their unique seller dashboard, vendors can see their store-related data summary

  • Manage Vendor Store
  • Store page for each vendor: i.e. Vendors can manage information from the vendor panel on their page.

Why Tech2Globe?

By simplifying online marketplace development for your business needs, our multi-vendor marketplace development team helps you turn your business concept into practice. Tech2Globe provides Multi-Vendor eCommerce development services using cutting-edge technology to deliver a more reliable, scalable, and user-friendly product. To boost your eCommerce business, select Tech2Globe Systems to get the most from a marketplace service

Start your Multi-Vendor B2B Ecommerce Software with Tech2Globe

To specify their requirements, Tech2Globe interfaces with customers and designs, establishes and implements an integrated and Comprehensive solution-based IT or apps.

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