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Tech2Globe has bunch of people, specialized in End to End E-Commerce for the day-to-day management and operation of a E-Commerce website. Online Store owners spend a lot of time interacting with developers for day-to-day for their e-commerce activities, so we have built up a clear picture of what it takes to be effective. Bear in mind that – day-to-day – there’s going to be a lot of ongoing change and updates, working in the E-Commerce Admin Panel and managing e-commerce processes operationally (as opposed to strategic or conceptual activities).

We have been working with 30+ businesses tirelessly to give them the tools, resources and support to be successful (& self-sufficient) with their E-Commerce websites. Some clients get on extremely well, others find it hard: Hiring a dedicated E-Commerce administrator will help Store owners on their main focus of business rather than spending day and night in administrating websites.

Detailed responsibilities would include:

  • Update product information and content on the website
  • Create banners, images, promotions etc for display on the website (using products like Photoshop)
  • Update content managed areas (copy & artwork)
  • Manage website configuration & parameters (eg payment options, stock management)
  • Investigate and report any operational/technical issues arising
  • Scope and document ongoing website functional projects /improvements
  • Test and deploy functional projects /improvements
  • Liaise with e-commerce agency regarding the day to day management of the website
  • Liaise with internal resources regarding the day to day management of the website
  • Evaluate approaches & strategies to improve website sales conversions & customer engagement Marketing
  • Understand and develop sources of traffic (& the factors that influence it): email, SEO, PPC, affiliates, social media, catalogues etc
  • Liaise with agencies or in-house teams to implement and support campaigns
  • Investigate, evaluate and assess new ways of generating additional traffic/orders
  • Produce reports to analyse the performance of all online marketing campaigns and promotions (via reports, analytics, surveys etc) Measurement
  • To meet and exceed all agreed performance objectives (sales, conversions, engagement)
  • Continuous improvement of customer satisfaction
  • Meet internal service levels for website activity and management
  • Maintaining an excellent level of service to the business

Role of E-Commerce administrator will be:

  • Generate and update website content (products, content, promotions)
  • Work with agencies/Digital Marketing Manager to build traffic & sales via the website.
  • Plan, define and implement website changes and functional improvements.
  • Maintain and update the online marketing plan for the website.
  • Monitor key performance indicators on the website and develop plans to improve them

They will have below traits for the online store :

  • Understanding of the disciplines required to drive traffic to retail websites (ppc, email marketing, link generation, online pr, SEO, offline marketing and pr, affiliate programmes, etc)
  • Understanding of order management/customer fulfilment in an e-commerce context.
  • Experience using packages like Excel and Photoshop
  • Computer literate and understanding of basic web technologies (FTP, browsers, basic HTML, data files)
  • Familiar with data management
  • Previous experience of website or e-commerce CMS
  • Basic understanding of Google products such as Webmaster Tools & Analytics would be desirable
  • Experience of Magento would be a plus