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Data is a valuable resource in the present business world. Organizations depend intensely on data analytics to quick and all around educated choices, minimize risks, and maximize benefits.

In any case, organizations like to outsource data analytics services because executing data analytics in-house has a lot of challenges.

  • You need hands-on understanding of the latest tools and innovation utilized all the while.
  • You need to manage issues of privacy and data security.
  • You need a devoted group to deal with the continuous data analytics process.
  • You need to combine and synchronize unstructured data from divergent sources.

All these components add to your cost and hampers efficiency. By outsourcing business data analytics services and solutions for Tech2Globe, you can beat all of these difficulties at a reasonable cost.

Our data analytics consulting services

When you outsource typing and transcription to Tech2Globe, you get easy to use verbatim transcripts with an assurance of high-quality and accuracy. Our experts utilize advanced transcription software to transcribe data into all around formatted records.

Business and Financial research

Healthcare research

HR analytics services

Customer analytics

Supply chain data analytics services

Effective data intelligence, reporting, and presentation

Market research

Domain-based analytics in multiple verticals

Well-designed visualization solutions

Remote/ offshore data analytics support services

By considering the volume and assortment of your developing data stores, we streamline your data processing system to open concealed bits of knowledge while lessening costs. By employing Tech2Globe as your data analytics consulting services, your business gets the benefit of information management, modified data analytics solutions, and propelled choice science, in addition to other things.

Our Process

Our data analysis process is oriented towards drawing maximum value out of each choice made in each department of your organization. Tech2Globe strive to convey analytics, reports, BI and predictions of expanding accuracy to take care of your issues, some of the time even before they crop up.

Define Data Requirements

Data is accessible in abundance. We have to know what to search for. To start this procedure, we define the data necessities of the business and the issues to be tended to.

Data Collection

Once the business objectives are expressed, we start to assemble significant data from existing databases, data warehouses, and different other inner and outer sources.

Data Cleaning

This is an imperative preliminary stage where the collected data is cleaned and approved to enhance its quality just as accuracy.

Data Analysis

It is currently an ideal opportunity to explore and exploit the data through analytics, plotting, and displaying to spot patterns, draw comparisons and create valuable experiences.

Data Optimization

Based on expert statistical analysis, the data models are assessed and a prescient procedure is utilized to decide future results.

Deployment and Monitoring

The solution inferred in the optimization stage is presently actualized in the business, in accordance with predefined targets.

Tools we use in Data Analytics Services

Strategic partnerships with market-leading technology companies allow us to combine best-in-class skills with cutting-edge tools and resources. Key tools for data analytics support services include:

  • Splunk
  • Rapidminer
  • Elasticsearch
  • Apache Spark
  • Hadoop

Our Developers Know All Languages

Tech2Globe offers the larger and most cost-efficient answers for online and offline data entry. We execute a heavy diversity of online data entry services in numerous languages - English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian and many more that’s why we are called as bilingual operators.

Turn Your Data into Actionable Insights with Tech2Globe

By identifying and settling the most well-known cognitive biases in data analytics processes, data specialists at Tech2Globe quicken your business' performance. Our data analytics solutions assist associations with taking advantage of their data, convey targeted solutions, and make a strong foundation for development. If you are searching for practical data enhancement and analytics services and a reliable service provider, if it's not too much trouble send your necessities to us at


We have experience of 10 years in data entry outsourcing field and have successfully accomplished various projects of clients across the world. We have wide experience of working on different types of data entry projects.

In general fees are charged on a per unit basis. This is the simplest for everyone to understand and assures you are not paying for inefficiencies. It is also easiest to audit when you receive each invoice. In very rare circumstances will consider an hourly billing.

We assure the quality of final files are up to your standards and then send the files to you via email or through the online applications. Depending on the file size, we can also send the files or data via the secured FTP server.

We work from Monday to Saturday 07:00 AM (Morning) IST to 11:30 AM (Night) IST. In case of work urgency and on the basis of client’s request, we also work on Sundays.

Yes. Our data entry operators work different schedules, and many of them prefer weekends. Some holidays, particularly Thanksgiving and Christmas, are more challenging to achieve full production and may entail to incentivize the operators.

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