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Our high-impact PPC packages are tailored to maximize ROI and boost your online visibility. With comprehensive keyword research and advanced ad targeting, our experts ensure top ad placements and increased click-through rates. Benefit from dedicated account management and real-time performance reports to optimize your campaigns effectively. Dominate the competition with our cutting-edge PPC strategies and experience unmatched growth by driving maximum traffic and boosting conversions with expertly managed pay-per-click campaigns. Unlock your business's true potential with tailored ppc packages designed to elevate your brand above the competition. Don't miss out on high ppc packages designed for maximum impact. Choose our premium ppc packages to accelerate your business's success today!


Startup (20% of the Budget or $249)

Medium (18% of the Budget or $549)

Growth (15% of the Budget or $1099)


Ad Budget

Upto $2,000 $2,000 - $5,000 $5,000 - $10,000 Above $10,000

Networks (Google, Bing)

Any 1 Any 1 Both -

Ad Account Setup (One-Time)*

$149 $149 $149 -

Landing Page Creation*

$199 $199 $199 -

Est. Return on Investment (ROI)**

Upto 2X 2X - 3X 3X - 5X -

Minimum Duration

3 Months 3 Months 3 Months Contact Us
Campaign Setup

Campaign Creation

Upto 2 Upto 4 Upto 8 -

No. of Keywords

Upto 100 Keywords 100 - 200 Keywords 200 - 400 Keywords Above 400 Keywords

Search/Text Ads


Display Ads


Gmail Ads


Remarketing Ads


App Installation Ads


Conversion Tracking

Contact Us
Campaign Management

Competitor Analysis


Keywords Optimization


Landing Page Suggestion


A/B Testing


Ad Copy Optimization


Keyword Bid Optimization


CTR Analysis


ROI Analysis

Contact Us

Campaign Performance Report

Monthly Bi-Weekly Weekly -

Activity Report

Monthly Bi-Weekly Weekly -

Dedicated Resource

Contact Us
Customer Support

Email, Chat (WhatsApp, Skype, Slack)


Voice Support

Monthly Bi-Weekly Weekly Contact Us
*Additional Cost | **After 3 Months

Frequently Asked Questions For PPC Packages

PPC Packages, or Pay-Per-Click packages, are all-encompassing advertising solutions offered by Tech2Globe Web Solutions to assist businesses in driving targeted traffic to their websites. Our packages consist of an array of services curated to maximize the effectiveness of your online advertising campaigns. This campaign is a combination of different elements such as keyword research, ad creation, campaign management, and performance tracking.
The pricing of our PPC packages is variable depending on your individual business goals, target audience, and campaign scope. Our pricing is flexible to be cost-effective, and we disclose upfront those details within our consultation process. However, we have three packages, namely Basic, Standard, and Premium, to choose from.
Our entry-level PPC package is intended for businesses that want to develop a strong online presence and earn first leads. In comparison, the growth PPC package is suitable for companies looking to extend their reach, boost conversions, and achieve more substantial results by utilizing advanced targeting tactics and greater ad spending.
PPC Packages can support your business by driving targeted and immediate traffic to its website. Furthermore, it fosters enhanced brand visibility and high-quality leads and provides measurable results. Additionally, you can manage your ad spend, track performance, and alter strategy for maximum ROI with our plans. This way, you can reach prospective consumers quickly.
We understand the unique and different objectives of every business. Our experts can personalize PPC packages to your specific sector, goals, and budget, guaranteeing you get a tailored solution that matches your needs. After a proper consultation with our professionals, you can understand what strategies and funding would be most suitable for your business.
Our professional team assesses your business objectives, competition, and target audience to calculate the most appropriate budget and ad spend. After analyzing those aspects, we then make a project plan to maximize your investment results while remaining inside your financial comfort zone.
Yes, all of our PPC packages involve extensive keyword research to regulate the most relevant and effective terms for your campaign. Additionally, we offer expert ad copywriting solutions to help you create compelling and engaging ads that will increase clicks and conversions.
Indeed! Tracking ROI is an essential component of our pay-per-click services. We employ modern analytics tools to observe important performance data, convert leads, and offer you thorough information on the success of your campaigns. With our reporting on performance metrics, you'll be able to determine the proficiency and results of our services.
We provide flexible terms and do not promote long-term contracts. Therefore, you can select a package that suits your objectives, and we offer opportunities for changes based on your changing business demands. If you want to discontinue, then you can easily do that by selecting short monthly plans.
It's simple to partner with us. Contact our team via our website or contact information, and we will set up a session to learn more about your business goals. Following that, we'll offer an appropriate PPC package and develop a customized plan that suits your interest. You can contact us via mail at
Yes, we do provide continuous campaign optimisation, keyword adjustments, bid management, and ad performance optimisation as a part of our services to keep your campaigns effective and competitive.
Our PPC packages are differentiated by our team's significant knowledge, data-driven strategy, and commitment to generating measurable results. To help your business succeed, we focus on targeted design, clear reporting, and personalized support.
No, we believe in open and honest pricing. Our packages are all-inclusive, and we discuss any prospective costs up ahead to ensure there are no surprises. Clear communication and direct pricing are initial factors of trust that we firmly support.
The result of the campaign is proportional to several elements such as competition, industry, and campaign scope. While some businesses see quick advantages, others may require several weeks to optimize and produce significant profits fully.
Yes, our pay-per-click packages do contain geographic targeting options, utilizing which you can target your advertising to specific regions, cities, or nations, ensuring that you reach the proper audience. This way, you can optimize every penny spent on the services as per your requirement.
Yes, we have a portfolio of success stories and case studies demonstrating how our PPC packages have assisted organizations in reaching their objectives. We'd be delighted to share these examples with you during our consultation.
During our consultation, we'll review your business objectives, target audience, and budget to offer the best PPC package for your needs. Here, we'll lay out all the service offerings in the plan and advise you on the methods best suited for your business's online growth.
Our team will provide you with regular updates, open communication, and devoted support. The project manager will provide comprehensive performance reports and is always accessible to answer your inquiries and resolve your problems. Although if you have any further queries or require clarification, please get in touch with our staff, and we will gladly assist you.