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Immersive experience driven by personalization and intelligent operations opens up new possibilities for any industry in the age of connected devices. Today many organizations rely on machine learning to rely on data trends for the tracking, analysis, and prediction of customer/machine behavior.

Machine Learning Services and Consultation from Tech2Globe help management to create customized solutions based on proprietary algorithms/frameworks or open source that process data and run sophisticated cloud and edge algorithms. That means that organizations make quicker decisions, improve efficiency, simplify business processes, and identify defects more quickly.

Equipment manufacturers like you are deluged by growing information gathered from IoT sensors, machines, and businesses and intelligent use of such data can help optimize business operations, increase productivity, and allow accelerated business outcomes. However, integrating machine learning applications in your company is a crucial challenge such as predictive analysis, asset health monitoring and customer analytics.

Our experts assist these companies in the field of machine learning development. Our roadmap and development strategy for the study are established. Our teams help you during your data travel, from navigation to complicated data challenges and development of a prototype to company-wide learning.

Machine Learning Services

The technical experts at Tech2Globe give technical and business consultation on solutions for machine learning based on your specific needs, case implementations and particularities of your datasets.

Our Machine Learning Consulting Services

Conducting Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

Starting from EDA, we engage in step-by-step collaboration with organizations, beginning with modelling and preparation. With EDA, our customers can receive useful reports and recommendations based on their results.

Identification of issues and data collection opportunities

For further research by companies, we are well aware of the problems of data processing and data storage. We enable organizations to define critical issues and identify relevant opportunities by compiling data collection requirements.

Implementing Machine Learning Algorithms

Whatever the problems and tasks of a client, our team is here to help integrate machine learning algorithms in your business process. We provide the best method for the implementation and processing of the data submitted by evaluating the customer information.

Our Machine Learning Development Services

Deep Learning Solutions Development

By improving the performance of artificial neural networks driven algorithms, we provide our clients with quality Machine Learning services & solutions and significantly improving business metrics.

Enterprise Machine Learning as a Service

Our selected Machine Learning service providers is designing machine learning tools for businesses to help company owners simplify and improve business processes by extracting useful insights from raw data with the elimination of human interference.

Custom Web Application Development

Our customers receive expert support for machine-specific learning services to boost their business performance and produce unseen outcomes previously.

Our Expertise in Machine Learning

  • Machine learning on structured and unstructured data supervised/semi-supervised/unsupervised.
  • Tech2Globe's' deep learning & AI solutions enable companies to identify highly-customized solutions running on advanced machine learning.
  • Model deployment and checking performance with such tools as TensorBoard and What-If.
  • Models: Decision Trees, Regression, Hidden Markov, Inception, Identification of artefacts, NLP.
  • DataBase: SQL, NoSQL: image, sensor (accelerometer, microphone etc.) data source, audio, video, text support database, database: CSV, Excel and data type:
  • Model development, training, optimization & validation via TensorFlow, SparkML, OpenCV and Python, C++, Java-like languages

Why Choose Tech2Globe for Machine Learning Services?

Here are just a few of how we stand out as a company in the field of machine learning and the development of digital experiences.

  • Vertical experience in the vast and deep industry.
  • Collection and exploration of detailed data.
  • Services of expert evaluation strategies/opportunity.
  • Comprehensive business case and solutions for road mapping.
  • Full-stack application development.
  • Teams in-house implementation of machine learning technology
  • Services for measuring importance and efficiency
  • Experienced consultants provide strategies to improve business processes.

Looking for a Valuable Machine Learning Agency?

Tech2Globe is a leading company, and machine learning has given you another field in which digital technologies can be created and distributed, eventually creating new value for customers.

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