Yellow pages data entry services | White pages data entry services

Yellow and white pages are great source of data for organizations searching for vendors or clients. But the activity of extraction of data from these directories ought to be done carefully as it includes recording details like names, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, site URL, email addresses and so forth.

Presently, the question is how to figure out how to enter your large data in yellow or white pages online? In this, Tech2Globe assume our viral job by proving you with our pro data entry services. Having a group of specialists who are very much experienced in yellow pages and white pages keying, we guarantee that your basic data gets entered in a timely and effective way with the goal that you can receive off the rewards of the vital platforms. Tech2Globe target changing your white and yellow pages into strong advanced resources.

Tech2Globe Offers Following Services Regarding Yellow/White Pages Data Entry

Tech2Globe gives a whole extent of yellow pages data entry services, went to helping organizations in expanding simple access to a tremendous lump of relevant data of the expected interest group.

  • Data Capture
  • Data conversion
  • Form Processing
  • Hand composed data processing
  • PDF conversion
  • Indexing and Archiving
  • Microfiche conversion
  • Scanning and OCR
  • Tagging and Coding

At Tech2Globe, we give consistent data to finding any data from yellow/white pages onto your pre-described database. Yellow/White pages data area incorporates getting of data and ordering it under relevant headings, which may incorporate fields, for instance, indent, association name, address, phone number, Fax, email, URL and others.

Our Process for Yellow and White Pages Data Entry

Our Yellow and White Pages Data Entry Services Include -

Data Research

Our data entry experts will direct a meeting with you to understand the project requirements and will begin searching for the kind of data your business needs remembering those project specifications particulars.


Numerous periods we need to catch data from hard copies and convert it into an appropriate digital file format.

Optical Character Reader

Tech2Globe use Optical Character Reader (OCR) and Intelligent Character Reader (ICR) procedures to catch data precisely from physical white and yellow pages. These procedures are known to convey around 99.5% accuracy in the output.

Data Entry

We have a strong group of trained data section specialists for white pages data entry services that key in data at a quick pace without settling on the precision. Our experts will furnish you with data in the file format you like.


Prior to sending the output to the customers, we get it checked by our quality control group that experiences it to recognize and wipe out any errors. This group is additionally liable for confirming the data against dependable sources.

Tools we leverage in Yellow & White Pages Data Entry

Our specialists can't avoid being experts to separate data from yellow/white pages. We in like manner have advanced database capturing software for your yellow/white pages data section with the help of tools like Adobe Acrobat reader DC, Abbyy FineReader, Tesseract, OmniPage, Readiris, Docufree, Prizmo, and Soda PDF Premium. Tech2Globe offers insightful White/Yellow pages data entry services as per your need.

Suite of Our Yellow and White Data Entry Services

Tech2Globe offers the widest range of offline data entry services to businesses of all sizes. Apart from English, we provide offline data entry services in the entire major languages including, Spanish, German, French, and many more. All our services are ISO certified for quality and data security.


At Tech2Globe, we can assure you that your project will be completed on time, within budget and with international quality standards.

You can reach us via email, chat messengers like Skype, MSN, Yahoo etc., and Phone or just through live chat on our website.

We generally accept payments through NEFT, Wire Transfers and PayPal.

We work with advance payments or initial payment as the terms of payment whether it is monthly, bi-monthly or weekly.

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