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Data Scrubbing, likewise called data cleansing, is the way toward recognizing incorrect, invalid, obsolete, incomplete, and out-dated data from a database and correcting it to guarantee that the dataset is precise, current, and complete. Companies and organizations with huge databases need to invest a lot of time and cash in doing this resource-intensive task. Tech2Globe is an ISO certified service provider that brings to you qualified and experienced data cleaning specialists who work solely for you.

At Tech2Globe, we give excellent data scrubbing services at financially savvy costs to help data concentrated organizations, for example, banking, retail, insurance, transportation, and telecommunication in the management of their databases. With an ideal mix of talented professionals, cutting edge innovation and attempted and tried techniques, we assist you with keeping up a perfect database. Our staff can productively deal with all parts of data scrubbing and data cleansing, guaranteeing that it is without mistake and up-to-date.

Our key data scrubbing services include

While outsource data scrubbing services Tech2Globe, have gotten the chance to work with numerous data-intensive businesses in the field of account and banking, market research, telecommunications and media, retail, insurance and healthcare, legal, publishing, instruction, transportation, recognizing and remediating data quality issues, and tidying up the data put away in their database.

  • Correcting customers' records
  • De-duplicating data
  • Adding missing data
  • Standardizing data
  • Normalizing data
  • Verifying and enriching data

Once your database is de-duplicated, verified, validated, formatted and cleansed, we send you the file in your preferred format including Excel, CSV, PDF, SQL database, XML, TIFF, etc.

Our Process

Tech2Globe offers data scrubbing services, and gives help with checking and adjusting your business-critical information. Data scrubbing services providers can scour your client database, containing names and contact details of existing just as expected clients, ensuring that you generally capitalize on your database. We update your database with exact, modern information that is free from duplicity.

Our Data Cleansing/Data Scrubbing process incorporates:

Analysis of Data

Our group of specialists analyzes your data to distinguish its structure, substance, and quality. We start purging the data by correcting essential spelling mistakes, checking the data against reliable sources, and giving you exact and exceptional data.

Data Deduplication

During this phase, our specialists follow match, merge, and purge procedure to evacuate excess in the data and guarantee that all sections in the database are one of a kind, thereby keeping up data consistency.

Standardization of Data

We define, format, and structure your data appropriately in all data layers, and allocate exact properties or create schema as a major aspect of data standardization.

Data Normalization

We complete the normalization procedure to guarantee a reliable data structure. The procedure incorporates limiting excess, disposing of erroneous data, and sorting out the data effectively.

Quality Check

Our quality assurance group conducts visit checks, guaranteeing precision of data at all stages, and furnishing you with error-free, steady and confirmed data.


Tech2Globe is a top data scrubbing service provider. In addition to data cleansing services, our international team of data scrubbing professionals can help with specialized tasks such as visual analytics, industry analysis and packaging design services and uses following tools:

  • OpenRefine
  • Trifacta Wrangler
  • Drake
  • TIBCO Clarity
  • Winpure
  • Data Ladder
  • Data Cleaner
  • Cloudingo
  • Reifier
  • IBM Infosphere Quality Stage

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With data cleansing services, we give you precise and cutting-edge data that encourages you improve operational productivity. Outsourcing data scrubbing services to India to examine your task necessities and find a free example line of work at no-cost-commitment premise. You can likewise send in to us at info@tech2globe.com to find out about our data scrubbing services.


We have experience of 10 years in data entry outsourcing field and have successfully accomplished various projects of clients across the world. We have wide experience of working on different types of data entry projects.

In general fees are charged on a per unit basis. This is the simplest for everyone to understand and assures you are not paying for inefficiencies. It is also easiest to audit when you receive each invoice. In very rare circumstances will consider an hourly billing.

We assure the quality of final files are up to your standards and then send the files to you via email or through the online applications. Depending on the file size, we can also send the files or data via the secured FTP server.

We work from Monday to Saturday 07:00 AM (Morning) IST to 11:30 AM (Night) IST. In case of work urgency and on the basis of client’s request, we also work on Sundays.

Yes. Our data entry operators work different schedules, and many of them prefer weekends. Some holidays, particularly Thanksgiving and Christmas, are more challenging to achieve full production and may entail to incentivize the operators.

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