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The Automation development service of Tech2Globe offers solutions for complex problems in the industry, IT and DevOps. Using the latest tools for automation and orchestration, such as StackStorm, ServiceNow, Puppet, Ansible, and Terraform, using languages such as Python, JavaScript, and Ruby, Encore will introduce various solutions for several different problems associated with IT.

In today's modern business environment, automated software testing is the key to success. To get it right, you need to hire top testers who use the latest technologies to introduce creative automation frameworks. As experts in test automation, Tech2Globe provides a broad range of test automation services to fulfil the objective of increasing speed across the lifecycle of software development.

By designing an Automation plan consistent with enterprise priorities, our test automation solutions support your business goals. To suggest an optimized product inventory to fit your needs and budget, we perform a detailed tool evaluation exercise.

Services that we provide in test automation

The Automation Testing Services of Tech2Globe is a full-stack approach dealing with test automation consultancy, best practices procedures and the necessary technologies to improve the efficiency of the application industry independently.

Web Automation Testing Services

In a fully automated environment, our experts can assess the functionality of websites and applications. To ensure in-depth test coverage, speed and accuracy, we also design and conduct cross-device, cross-browser, cross-platform, compatibility tests.

Mobile Automation Testing Services

To automatically test complex mobile applications across all major mobile devices and platforms, our QA experts use frameworks. To build and deploy usable, system integration, UI level test suites for disclosing bugs and vulnerabilities of your mobile app, we use automated testing tools.

Desktop Automation Testing Services

Using commercial and open-source instruments, we can provide desktop automation testing services. From the setup of the test automation system to the automated production of scripts, we can all understand the application to accelerate regression test efforts cost-effectively.

API Automation Testing Services

Our experts use the automation system for API level tests to ensure that the APIs perform properly and help avoid technical defects in the development cycle.

Automated Regression Service

By running the test scripts to get accurate results, quickly find & fix problems and increase your time-to-market, We'll help you gain web, software, web services, mobile apps, APIs, and more automated regression testing services.

Performance Testing

We use numerous advanced tools, such as LoadRunner, open-source Tech Stacks, to define, design new cases, run test scripts and help set software application benchmarks before the release of the app in the development process.

Localization Testing

Our experts find software bugs, including usability, protection, reliability, performance, UI, front-end and back-end, in all aspects of a software product. Our team tests user interfaces translation, content, warning and error messages, and helps validate the documents.

Our Test Automation services include

  • Selection of useful test tools
  • Identifying test conditions that should be automated
  • Setting up the Automation test environment
  • Compatibility with a test browser and device features
  • Software testing on multiple platforms with different configurations
  • Generation of Test Report for Automation
  • Maintenance of Test Script

Why Tech2Globe Test Automation Services?

Strong Quality Engineering Expertise

To help you achieve efficient and predictable implementation and release readiness, we have a dedicated QA team of quality assurance engineers, inspection experts, accredited analysts and quality management specialists following industry-standard software testing models and techniques.

Clienteles across diverse geographies

We provide customers across different domestic and international geographies with tools and platform-enabled services and solutions.

On-time Delivery

Under the timeline and with excellent efficiency, we deliver all our projects.

Get a Valuable Automation testing services from Tech2Globe

Tech2Globe is one of the leading automation testing companies that creates the value you always wanted through test automation, with the experience of advising customers on test automation and architecting their automation journey.

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