eBay Management

EBay Management

Tech2Globe has experienced resources for eBay management. We have expertise in manual product listing, bulk uploading through Excel/Turbolister for eBay marketplace. If you want us to perform research on competition prices, we could do that for you. This is not all; we could also help you in order management. By hiring dedicated administrator with us, we would provide you a person with complete knowledge on all these things and you could focus on your core area i.e. business. Subsequently, it will ease the pressure on you and reduce the cost of having staff onshore. You could also hire a customer service person with us who would handle all the queries of EBay. If you do not currently sell on eBay, we could help you in opening your account and complete the eBay account with all the listings.

For successful online selling, you have to make your products more visible and stand out among the peers on various marketplaces. A clear product title, detailed attributes and engaging product description, will attract more search traffic to your product pages and lead to more conversions. High resolution images and appropriate categorization is must for boosting your conversions. Tech2Globe as an e-commerce services provider enables sellers to create their product listings quickly and upload them on multiple marketplaces in matter of clicks. If buyers can’t find your product, they won’t buy it! So, if you have still not uploaded your products online, or you are in search of the right tool, that scales up your listing process and makes you more efficient, your wait is over. Try Tech2Globe today, contact us now!

*Prices may vary as per category and number of products

Services Description Price (in INR)
3000(including 10 listings)
Catalogue Writing Creating a product listing (Title, specifications, description) 20per/listing
Image Background cleaning (per image) Cleaning the background of images 22
Image Editing (per image) For Non Reflective products (Clothing, Footwear Computers etc.)(per image) 40
For products with reflective surfaces (Watches, Jewellery etc.)(per image) 60
Photo-shoot with Model (3 images) Photo-shoot with Indian or Foreign Model Please contact Tech2globe for pricing.
Photo-shoot (Mannequin Shoot)
(3 Image)
Casual & Formal Wear 290
Ethnic Wear (Salwar Kameez, Fabric, etc.) 290
Saree 290
Lingerie 290
Photo-shoot (3 Image) Non Reflective Products (Footwear, Handbags, Toys, Belts, Home & Living, Jewellery) 290
Reflective Products (Watches, Sunglasses, Jewellery) 290
For account Management you can hire an External Resources from Tech2globe

Product Listing Services

  • Create product listings as per marketplaces guidelines.
  • Provide clear titles that help customers to identify products.
  • Upload good quality product images with white background.
  • Research for more product attributes and enhance the catalog.
  • Advanced listing tools like Turbo Lister, Selling Manager etc. are used.



At Tech2Globe, we want our clients to expand their business globally. If clients are not currently selling on marketplaces, we could help them in setting up their accounts, which would enhance their selling capacity. Admittedly, selling at own website gives more profit but goodwill and high customer satisfaction rate of these marketplaces encourage huge number of customers to buy from marketplaces instead of private websites. Also, if you currently sell on one country EBay Account, expanding your business to different countries will help you in growing globally.

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