Customer Experience believes in driving a successful collaboration between all their employees and partners which further paves the way for a dedicated customer service and value and this is all done through the medium of out Customer experience portal solutions.

We understand that you need to have access to the accurate information to be able to move ahead in today’s fast paced environment. While on the other hand organizations also are on the look out for developing more collaborative ways and means of effectively working and all of this has to be made possible between processes, people and information. And apart from all of this most important aspect is the ever increasing demand of internal and external customers for customers to be self reliant.

We take proper care to ensure that all the solutions designed for a sound customer experience will help you reach out to and get you connected via web experiences through our friendly portals and enable an easy access to both applications and data in a very user friendly manner. All of this is made possible by ensuring that we connect businesses processes, people, data, and all our solutions and enhance the overall experiences by utilizing the web experience, collaboration technologies, and web experience. All our solutions have been designed with the aim of providing the potential for self-service for viewing order histories, posting service issues, and placing orders.

All of our portal solutions are developed by leveraging the Oracle WebCenter which provides a very flawless and an integrated customer experience. All these solutions aim at increasing the overall level of collaboration and productivity levels between clients, partners and employees and also increase the level of self servicing capabilities. We specialize in WebCenter Portals and Oracle WebCenter Content and utilize these has leveraged this expertise in providing an efficient customer experience solutions for a wide array of Fortune 500 customers.

Our full range of portal solutions embraces:

  • Partner and Employee-centric Portals which have been specifically created for serving highly integrated CRM systems, high-volume transactional environments and back-end applications.
  • Brand and Marketing Driven Portals which assist in the ease of management of changing content and integrating content
  • Self Service Portals that provide a convenient way to post service issues, place orders, or view order history
  • Cloud applications, such as Salesforce, social media, networking, marketing sites
  • On-premise applications, such as ERP, service, HR, and support programs
  • Mobile apps, such as for smart phones, tablets, or other mobile devices
  • Partner or business-to-business applications, such as connecting vendors, suppliers, or distributors
  • Devices, including any end-point that could potentially integrate with a cloud such as cars, satellite receivers, smart phones, HVAC systems, communication or utility grids, etc.

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