Our Team

Sarabjeet Singh
Operations Manager
Data Management

Fondly called “Jack of all Trade” he is inherent in hearts of all the departments. “Punjabia Di Shaan Wakhri” goes truly with his foodie nature, positive attitude with a combination of his own Unique Style of dealing the situations creates a perfect picture of his as an Manager in Operations.

Garima Mahajan
Team Lead
Digital Marketing

“Being positive in a negative situation is not naive its leadership” she is balancing her both phase of life being a married and official women she is perfect.”Dil toh bcha h ji” She is stubborn at times but a very talented lady who knows how to deal with clients as well as she is multi-talented with a helping nature with a talent of making artistic things with waste material.

Vishal Kumar Mittal
Assistant Manager
Data Management and Graphic Designing

“Our Shining star of night team, he handles all the things and face all the challenges so easily that we can never expect a mistake from him. 'Watch the little things, a small leak will sink a great ship'. He is a "Tube light of Night Team" without which our T2G team will be in darkness. He have frank behaviour to his team members that's why he has been promoted to team lead to assistant manager in 2017.”

Devender Rathore
Team Lead
Data Management

“HE DREAMS HIS PAINTING AND HE PAINTS HIS DREAM” passionate painter and a very talented Client eye catcher as well as redeeming at games. But when it emanate to work he is ‘ HITLER ’(TEAM LEAD).”

Avni Mishra
Team Lead
Human Resource

She is Maintaining the balance of the universe by being perennially patient and calm - 'Art Work Lover, serving a platter of perfection, simplicity with a tadka of managing skills, makes her a perfect HR MANAGER.

Sahil Verma
Business Development Manager
Sales & Marketing

Since March, 2016 I am working with Tech2globe and it's been an amazing ride. When I joined Tech2globe, I didn't know what to do, how to do and I was nervous for how I manage. But with the corporation of the whole team of Tech2globe and the special thanks to the COO of the company and all my colleagues who were always there to help and support me. My job is very exciting, every day is a new learning here. I am responsible here for advising company about the sales performance. My job allowed me the fine opportunity to work with different people, both locally as well as globally. I am very much thankful to Tech2globe as it has helped me build my career.

Inder Singh
Team Lead

Keen learner of IT things with an interesting combination of IT and ‘Bhangra lover’. He can never give you reply of your questions straight forward he love to mould the things it’s his habit and he is quite versatile person holding the designation of team lead in hardware networking & IT.

Ashish Verma
Team Lead – Night Shift
Data Management

Contains a Jolly Nature with a madness inherited for cricket but a very talented employee who cracked IJP with a twist of passionate dancer with all his supportive qualities he do holds the position of TEAM LEAD (Data Management Department).

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