Third Party Reference Check

New Employees Background is very important to check for every organization because you don’t know how your candidate behaved on their previous job? How your candidate communicate with other colleagues? Is your candidate punctual or not? Is your candidate genuine or fraud? There are many questions at the time of hiring an employee. And, you can’t make a perception of any candidate by only seen his or her resume. A single page of resume is not able to tell you each and every thing about your future employee.

But, Why Third Party Reference Check?

There are lots of the benefits to conduct Reference Check by Third Party. It saves organizations time & money. Third Party Reference provide right and accurate information about your future employees.


Third Party Reference Check saves your money and time that you invested in to make reference calls and invested money to perform reference check activity.


Third Party Reference Check gives you quality information about your future employees, they are specially trained only for to get the effective information.


Third Party Reference Check, their experts are more flexible with their time as compared to in-house reference check.


Third Party experts didn’t meet your future employees, there is no one point to play for them.

Tech2globe, we are providing Third Party Reference Check in an effective way with right and accurate information. We have a specialized, experience and trained experts – they know how to pull information from others and they have many connections that help to get the accurate information.


1.Employment History Verification

Tech2Globe provide you each and every previous employment information about your future employees, by making phone calls and sending emails and by face-to-face physical meet with candidate’s previous HR or Manager or other responsible position, if required.

2.Education Verification

We ensure that your candidate’s education verification is properly done. We check each and every information, certificates, or other educational documents that your candidate provided. We have a separate team for perform that they cross check authenticity of each and every education documents.

3.Professional Reference Check

Our experts covers each and every stuff by professional reference verification. We check the relationships your candidates with previous employer and with their colleagues. And, make questions about your candidate.

4.Identity Verification

Identity Verification is also the step to verify candidate identity in order to check their identity proofs, verify from government platforms provided to check the authenticity of identity documents. If an employee misleading their identity that means he or she can also be misleading you in other ways. So, our focus to verify each and every thing about a candidate.

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