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papperlessAll the solutions designed by aim at reducing the overall costs for the Paperless Office solutions which is done by virtue of automating the processes related to accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Quite a few number of business are still working in the old age model of invoicing which quite a cumbersome, incompetent and an expensive process which is paper based and requires a lot of manual labor work and is prone to errors and definitely not very measurable too.

Nowadays are quite a few number of ERP applications which are referred to as the back-office systems of records and one of these is the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). By utilizing the technology available on this application the companies get the opportunity for automating their account receivable and payable processes. However just by virtue of using these applications and by automating the processes, the companies don’t turn out very productive and proficient.

At we aim at providing and delivering solutions which are known to be intelligent Paperless Office solutions. These solutions work on the two way theory of being capable of delivering automated and accelerated business solutions. By optimally using these processes the companies reduce the dependency on fax, papers and documents. All these solutions utilize the Imaging and Forms Recognition and Oracle WebCenter Content. The paperless office solutions provided by us work around the document and activities related to purchasing, accounting and processing in an electronic way and this all done by working in a centralized manner instead of working around the paper based invoices. All these efficient practices assist the clients in reaping the harvest of automation and working more productively.

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