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Analyzing the data is an important task in making a business a great success. People these days analyze their important data so as to extract important information about the firm. Through this analysis the hidden and important information can be discovered. By outsourcing data analysis task to Tech2Globe you will be at an added advantage.

Why need of Data Analytics? Few reasons why you should outsource your Data Analytics to Tech2Globe:

Ease of Data Availability:

With an emergence of technology, ready and handy data about the dealers and suppliers is available for the companies. Since there is a vast collection of data available, so there is always a need to extract the important and relevant information from the piles of data available. Therefore, these days maximum number of companies outsource data analytics, so that they can get the best and the most relevant information.

Use of Smart phones and Internet are increased:

A large amount of data is available but it is available in the scattered form and unmanaged form, but nowadays with the help of internet and smart phones the data can be converted into a managed and set form. The data can be divided into various categories accordingly with the help of Data Analytics. This arrangement makes the data readable and accessible for everyone.

Shortage of Data Analytics Professionals:

Surveys have found that there is going to be a shortage of professionals of data analytics in the near future in United States, therefore many companies are outsourcing their data analytics tasks to India.

Reduced Data Storage cost:

Due to cloud computing it has become easy for the firms to store data in bulk quantity, at cheap rates. Therefore it gives lots of opportunities for data analytics.


We provide our data analytics services to various businesses, following is the list of services that we provide to our customers:

Finance and banking

We provide your banks and other financial institutions with the following services:
  • Retention programs
  • Customer acquisition
  • Delinquency
  • Recovery campaigns and early warnings for customer churns
  • Customer segmentation
  • Fraud detection at the application levels
  • Cross- selling strategies

Finance and banking

We provide your banks and other financial institutions with the following services:
  • Churn and retention
  • Customer affinity analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Credit risk management and up- sell/cross-sell campaigns

Finance and banking

We provide your banks and other financial institutions with the following services:
  • Category Trends
  • Brand dynamics
  • Sales analysis
  • Lifetime value analysis and promotional effectiveness
  • Out of stock analysis

Finance and banking

We provide your banks and other financial institutions with the following services:
  • CRM analytics and consumer analysis
  • Cycle time analysis
  • Subrogation analysis
  • Detection of suspicious claims
  • Legal disputes
  • Severity of claims



Analysing data is not an easy job. This requires skilled and well trained team, which is available at Tech2Globe. Here at Tech2Globe, we will gather and extract data that is relevant and important for the development of the company. We will go through your previous and current data and make a report stating about the situation of the company and also about its competitors.

There are various approaches and methods of analysing the data effectively. Here, at Tech2Globe we will use all those approaches to analyse your data effectively. We will analyse all the data that you have given off for various management purposes and provide you with the best result. Therefore it will prove to be a wise decision of your company if you outsource data analytics to Tech2Globe.


It will prove to be a sound decision made by your company once you will outsource Data Analytics to Tech2Globe. Following are the benefits that you can avail on outsourcing data analytics to Tech2Globe:

1. Cost effective: Reasonable prices are being charged by our company for providing you with data analytics services. You can save on other expenses of installing the technology and infrastructure for data analysis.

2. Skilled People: We assure you that we have a team of skilled and well trained employees who are experts in this work, and have years of experience.

3. Error-less work: On time work is what we promise to our customers. We will provide you with the desired results without any delay in time, because we value your time.

4. Fruitful suggestions: We will not only help in analyzing your data but also give remedial suggestions, and also help in preparing, checking and unfolding of the data.

5. Confidentiality of data: Trust is the major component of any business. So, here at Tech2Globe we assure our customers to keep their important information confidential and secure by signing NDA’s before the onset of project.

All these services just provide you with an insight of what all services our company provide to our customers. For any further assistance on this you can contact our representatives.

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