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Configure Price provides all solutions for related to the complex selling and order and we do all of this through the Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions. These solutions assist in providing solutions related to automation of the pricing, configuration, pricing and quoting of the products which are known to be very intricate in nature.

We all would agree to the fact that nowadays for fulfilling the complicated sales processes mass customization is a must and there is no other way except that. This is especially common in the industrial manufacturing industries, in high technology areas where a lot of flexibility is required for purchasing and ordering. Quite a few numbers of companies depend on the refined software for helping them with the intricacy of getting the orders for Quote to quote, lead to quote and order to cash processes and all of these require configuration.

At we utilize all the different technologies which includes Firepond/FPX, Big machines, Oracle Configurator, Apttus and all of these fully blend with Salesforce apart from other CRM’s and these assist in help in automation of very complicated products and deal with the configuration and selection of products which provide a potential for quotation and sales specifically for manufacturing and fulfillment systems. Once all these requirements are collected these are then mapped to the respective options for service and or products. Clients are later guided towards the product solutions which as per their preference and then advised about the suggested options for up-selling.

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