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The Marketing Psychology is one of my favorite subject and I am very thrilled to insert more light on this. Marketing is all about to attract more consumers as results increase Sales. That’s why we do Marketing, right.

But, I am sure, a straight question comes to your mind is “How many Marketers use Psychology in their Marketing campaign?” Well, the answer is simple – Everyone. Yes, every marketer use psychology in their marketing campaign. Some of the aware about this and some may be not.

There are lots of the different tricks that marketers use to target eConsumers. So, we are discussing the top five tactics that helps to generate more lead for your business

1. Present Emotional and Social Values

Increase your Social Values. Psychology Research shows that Emotional and Social Values also affect to buy more. If you’re help to any Orphanage or some social works which helps to enhance needy people’s living standard or reasoning ability, it directly impact on consumer’s mind and behavior and make a positive image about your brand which influence customers to shop more.

And, you are also involve consumers to give donation for needy people if they (consumers) want to donate then publish or post any proofs that you’re really invest donations in social works. Proofs like – Click some photos with them and post on your eCommerce store and social media platforms too. This activity definitely helps to impact on consumer’s behavior and make a positive image about your brand.

2. Use Urgency Tactics

In any emergency situation, our mind or body react 3 times much faster as compared to normal situation. Imagine, you’re sitting in a building and suddenly earthquake come then which is the first thing you do? Off course, you are trying to get out of the building, avoid elevators, use stairs and out from this situation, right.

Same, this tactics also work in shopping condition, if you are showing any urgency situation on your eCommerce with “Quick Order”, “Now or Never”, ‘Exclusive Deal”, “Last minute to grab” and many more, it impact on Consumer’s behavior to grab the deal before goes out. It is one of the effective psychological tactics to increase sales. And, many big ecommerce like- Amazon apply this urgency tactics  to influence Customer’s Behavior.

3. Show Scarcity

Scarcity directly impact on consumer’s mind to grab the deal as fast. Simply, People place a higher attention on a thing that Scarce in nature. To show Scarcity is very useful and very common in ecommerce world for influence people about any products that scarce with simple lines like- “limited period offer”, “limited stock” or “low in stock”, etc. Many ecommerce use this popular method in different ways to get the better results.

4. Give Incentives/Rewards/Referral Points

To give free incentives or rewards points to eConsumers for shop more is very useful tactic. A consumer is only buy more from your online store once he/she gets the benefit from your ecommerce store. If an e-retailer give incentives or rewards points or referral points to any users and option to redeem at the time of next shopping. Then it hits the increasing level of an e-retailer revenue. And, it also hits the Customer Satisfaction.

5. Use Simplicity

Simplicity is another factor to target the econsumers. Consumers are not coming for checking your website’s designs, layouts or fonts of your online store.  Use simple and user friendly website design with easy purchasing process. No one wants to waste their time to check out your website’s design instead of purchasing. Once a consumer setup their mind to buy a product from your ecommerce store then it is your duty to give their fast and simple purchasing process.

So, these are the top 5 five tactics that mostly marketers or eCommerce sites use to increase the sales.

Psychology is more powerful as we think

Yes! Psychology is the powerful tool to target the more eConsumers. It’s a study of Behavior and Mind. Many companies use psychology to influence customer’s behavior to running a successful business.

But, it is not just a cakewalk. Psychology is not as easy as we think but it is more powerful as we think. There is so much thing to apply a right psychology techniques. You just have to research on this according to your business nature and apply it.


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