Link Building – A Penalty is waiting for you?

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Generate high-quality backlinks is one of the important aspects to perform effective SEO, it helps you to get the higher rankings on SERPs, increase your website authority and boost traffic. Simply says, Link Building is the process of linking other’s websites with your website. Many Digital Marketers or marketing agencies outlined different strategies to generate high-quality backlinks from different sources. They invest lots of bucks to execute their plan in the form of building their own Private Blog Network (PBN), which helps to increase backlinks with the help of other numerous websites.

Link Building Services, Link Building Packages

Along with, there is a myth that many users tend to believe that “the more you can generate backlinks, the more you can get the rankings”.

And, that’s why Google constantly bring out new updates to protect search results from spammers. Google’s Penguin is one of the updates from Google to detect spammers who perform spamming activities to increase backlinks from junky sites. So, here plays Google Penguin Update to expose spamming sites and penalize them and remove those sites permanently from Google’s Search Engine (and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, etc. also perform the same activity).

Link Building Services, Link Building Packages

So, increase backlinks from different sources is not the key to unlock the door to achieving high ranks. The thing just needs to increase Quality Backlinks from the Quality Sources.

How Search Engines works on Links

Link Building Services, Link Building Packages

When Google’s Spider bot start crawling and indexing on web pages, they’re not only to reviewing the content; they’re also noticing the links that placed on the content, whether it’s Internal Links or External Links.

High-quality links from the quality websites are providing a way to Google to reaching out on your website and increase your chances to get the higher ranks on Search Results on a particular keyword. It creates a hierarchy to insist on Google’s bot or Search Engines to come and crawling your site and make a positive perspective about your site that you’ve got the quality links.

As many digital marketers create PBNs in this hope to increase backlinks, they purchase expired domains which having high-domain authority. And build varied sites – properly maintain and upload content, to get the links from one and provide to another, repeat the process again and again until it creates the cycle which connects all sites with the main site.

Link Building Services, Link Building PackagesBut, there is a bitter truth as well –

This trick helps to improve SEO and increase links as well as traffic until Google catches you. Neil Patel (, explaining this in his blog post.

Because Google hates PBNs. Google starts penalized those sites who performed overuse of generating links. To protect search results Google changes their algorithms to hook spammers, we don’t know Google’s complete algorithms – that’s the company secret sauce.

However, the thing is, Google considers links but very strict to the spamming activities to increase traffic. Google created a short video ( to explain how search engines work.

Pros – The benefits of Link Building

There are such numbers of benefits of Link Building that helps your SEO.

1.Domain & Page Authority

The maximum you gain DA & PA, the maximum chances to get the higher rankings on SERPs. Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score that predicts how a website will rank on SERPs developed by Moz, similarly, Page Authority predicts how a specific page will rank on SERPs. Generating quality links from popular website helps to increase domain authority as well as page authority and it is one the crucial factor to improves rankings and build trust too.

2. Referral Traffic

To increase traffic on own site is the very first motive for every online entrepreneur. When you submit your materials on other’s website with a do-follow link, users read your content and want to get more info about the topic, they follow your link and come to the landing page of your website. Even, many bloggers perform the same activity to increase traffic on their blog’s site.

3. Brand Visibility

No doubt! With every content that you published on other websites with a link placed that increase your brand visibility. It helps you to gain the maximum exposure of your brand along with users remind you and help to get the direct traffic in the future.

4.Conversion Rate

You created and published your content on a topic – “Helping hand for HRs”. When user read your content and he/she might be interested in services that you mentioned in your guest post that he/she follows the link that comes to your desired landing page and makes the desired action that you want. So, this activity can generate a lead for your business.

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