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Social Media is one of the effective way to increase your website traffic in more possible way, it has lots of the audience that you can convert into your website traffic. Through market your products or goods on social media you can easily get the desired results but yes, firstly you have to better understand your business. Confused, right! I will be elaborating this in below point.

Many brands use social media to launch or to promote their products by using different social media channels, you must have seen any product launch video on YouTube or to publish any product information on Facebook or on Twitter.

Learn the best way to promote your brand on Social Media

Happiness” with “Taste the Feeling” at the time of 2014 Fifa World Cup. It created the impactful and impressive social media strategy that bring maximum involvement of audience. Coca Cola used multiple social media channels such as – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc., used paid campaigns, attractive content and so on that helped to maximize their ROI and increased the sales as well. And yes, Coca Cola was also the official partner of the 2014 World Cup, it was another a great move.

Don’t worry! I am not telling you to sponsor any big event in your initial stage. You just have to use better social media strategy to increase your website traffic and guess what, it’s free to promote your brand on social media, right, isn’t it!

So, let’s get started…

#1. Create Effective Social Media Strategy

First step is, you have to create an effective strategy that which social media audience you want to target. Remember firstly you should have to know your business as I said that above. Let the more light on this – you have to clear points of understand your business nature, needs and requirements. Is your business a technology type or is your business related to the health industry or linked with the food industry – business nature. After that, another step is to find out your business needs and your targeted audience, what your targeted audience and what your targeted audience will be. You cannot offer your sweets type of business to an athlete or you cannot explain your technology business in front of the Luddite (person who hates technology). And finally, choose right social media platform that more beneficial for your business. You can also use multiple social platforms to drive your website traffic.

For an example – if you have a business of making and selling Sweets like – cakes or pastry or something related. Then you should have to research on that which age of people are more passionate about the sweets. Not just by the age but location and income as well. After completed the research then you’re ready to choose social media platform. You can use Facebook & post about your products as well as use Instagram and social bookmarking site i.e. Pinterest, just clicking the photos of cakes, pastry or donuts and publish them with an attractive line. Here, Attractive line refers an appealing and fun-loving content that directly relate with the audience. Dk’s Donuts is one of the most favorite donuts shop in Santa Monica, CA and they use an attractive tagline on their website i.e. Welcome To Donut Heaven – when you first time visit to their website you see this welcoming line. So, my concern is to use effective social media strategy that helps to increase the traffic on your website.

#2. Good Content Creation

Second point to consider is to create appealing and engaging content. Content is not just by write something on some topics but it is also include images, videos and visual graphics. Simply, content is all about to deliver your message and build a communication relationships with your audience. For whichever you create content for social networks, web, blogs and whatever, your content should not to be directly advertise your products or services and that’s why Neil Patel explaining that “Your content type shouldn’t be designed to sell directly to readers. Content may well be the new ad but your focus must be to create original content”.

So, good and appealing content always generate effective results and yes, don’t forget to use images or videos with your post. It will be more helpful to deliver your message and connect with the audience. Along with you have to always remember that your content must be shareable easily, if any user wants to share your content then you have to give them power to share easily. And in next point you’ll get a better understanding view to use Hashtags in your post.

#3. Use Hashtags

Don’t underestimate the power of Hashtags. By using hashtags in your post can more explaining of your social media posts whatever you posting. It will catch the reader’s attention and helps people to find, follow and contribute to a conversation.

Whenever a user use hashtags in their post on some specific words then it will become the easy searchable on that particular social media platform. Yeah! It is similar to a keyword and when you search something on Google or any other search engines with a specific keyword, let’s take an example of Software then the endless results are showing on that, some may be relate with Software Development agencies, some may be history or definition of software and so on.

Similarly, Hashtags can enhance the engagement on social platform and helps to drive your website traffic by just clicking on the link of your website that you provided in your post. Always provided links of your website along with your post. But yes, one thing about the Hashtags that not to use over excessive of hashtags, target only those words that describe your services or products, that’s it. And, on different social media platforms, hashtags can perform on different ways. Like on Twitter, hashtags are mostly used to start a conversation and on Pinterest, hashtags defines the description and board title and some different kind of use on different social media platform.

#4. Use Ads & Shop

Have you heard about the Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads? I am sure, you did and if you not, doesn’t matter. Why not you use it? By run a campaign on Facebook in the form of Facebook Ads that helps to promote your brand or business on Facebook and it also build your credibility as well as increase your website traffic under a minimal costs. Many big brands are now using Facebook Ads features to promote their services or products. Even, in our (Tech2Globe) initial stage, we used Facebook Ads to get the more visibility about our brand and to get the more traffic on our website and we got the desired results too.

There is another feature of Facebook which helps to promote and selling your products on Facebook by using Shop by Facebook but it is only for those entrepreneurs or businesses who have not their eCommerce site to sell products and yes, those entrepreneurs also use this who have their eCommerce site. By using this, you can sell your products and increase the chance to build the awareness of your business.

And, on different social media platforms such as – LinkedIn or YouTube or any other, the process and cost of running an ad campaign may be different. You just have to choose those platform which have maximum potential to generate effective results and Facebook is one with have the largest social users. But, LinkedIn has more genuine users. You can use each one of them or you can use both. My concern is to use both in fact use every social platform.

#5. Join & Share

Joining and Sharing refers to join the groups on social media platforms according to your business nature. If you have a health related business then join health related groups on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and on other social network platforms. After joining multiple groups then start sharing your posts on those groups. But, you have to be very careful while sharing post on groups because if you sharing post over then it will be increasing the chance of block of your social account and then start again from the zero. So, keep sharing your post but in a limit.

#6. Comment & Reply & Analysis

Last but not least that helps to drive your website traffic. Joining groups and sharing your post on it – is one side and another side is to share your words on other post. I know this is indigestible to share your words on other post. Read carefully, I am not saying to share your post on other’s post, I am saying to share your “Words” on other’s post. Means – you can start a conversation on other’s post by commenting on it from your social account and then slowly share your services or share about your organization without giving any clue to them that you’re trying to present your business. Another thing is – always reply to users who comment on your post, yeah! I know this is not a new thing to tell but it is important. You have to keep maintain an eagle eye on comment section and on inbox area and always reply to them.

Along with, Analysis your whole social media strategy that it really works or not. If it works and increase the traffic on your website then it’s time to try some new things in the content of your post. Suppose – your social strategy works then you have to try more engagement of your active users by posting questions about technology, if you have a technology business then or post questions about your business related. It helps to generate more engagement of your active users by comment answers of your questions. And you have a chance to start the conversation and offer them a valuable results. And, don’t worry about the one percent of chance that your Social Media strategy doesn’t work. It will be working.

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