Automation Testing Services

Tech2Globe’s proficiency includes test automation for products and applications across different domains. Our expertise ranges from usage of various testing tools to developing customized automation tools. Tech2Globe’s method for test automation is beyond record and replay. It is run by automation objectives and not by tool complexity. Therefore, due to the complexity of some of the products, Tech2Globe has developed customized tools for automation to meet specific project requirements. The software test automation teams at Tech2Globe have successfully delivered number of test automation projects for a number of customers from diverse industry verticals. The test engineers have a rich experience in using commercial and open source tools. Tech2Globe has built test regression packs that run into thousands of test scripts and run on frameworks that are easy to use and tool independent. Tech2Globe’s expertise covers a range of applications and variety of verticals. Our Test Automation services covers testing attributes, such as performance, security, code-level testing. Tech2Globe has defined and developed dedicated roles, such as Automation Design Engineer and Automation Analysts that it employs on test automation.


Test Automation tools competency: Tech2Globe has implemented test automation with the help of third party tools like HP Quick Test Professional, HP Load Runner, HP Quality Center, IBM Rational Robot, QA Run etc. Since the off the shelf software test automation tools cannot help in achieving complete automation goals, therefore, few tool components are then customized for effective and efficient results. Tech2Globe develops a comprehensive test harness frame work that enables testing the stability, capability, and robustness of a product in extreme deployment scenarios, further strengthening     the customizations.


We use a judicious mix of automated tools and manual processes to perform functional testing. The experience and judgment of our skilled testers goes a long way in ensuring the quality of the final deliverables. Tech2Globe’s testing methodology is not just another end-of-road clean-up activity; however, it is a full life-cycle process. Testing starts with the business analysis and requirements gathering, and follows through right till the delivery of the test reports and metrics to the user. The testing methodology is comprised of well-defined processes that are managed in several ways to guide customers through the application / product testing. The methodology helps clients with test strategy, test planning, and test execution, monitoring and reporting.