SMB Websites were attacked 44 times a day in Q4 2017

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If you’re having small or medium-sized business then it’s most likely that your website is under attacked by the cyber criminals – and it is very bad for your business. As the cyberthreat is getting an edge over then it’s increased the risk of being cyber-attacks for small and medium-sized business due to the lack of resources.

According to a study which is conducted by SiteLock’s Website Security Insider reveals that small and medium-sized businesses websites was attacked 44 times a day in 2017.

SiteLocks’s analysis on more than 6 million websites to identifying those tactics that cybercriminals mostly used to attack on websites and the shocking facts came that bots are the primarily used by the cyber attackers and around 18.5 million websites are infected. Studies shows that bots, malware, backdoors and other malicious software visiting 152,041,201 times a week and 51% of malicious software were detected on these websites.

No platform is too small for Cyber criminals

WordPress is quite popular platform for hosting, especially in among small and medium-sized businesses that means it is on the top in the list for hackers too. If you’re having plugins on your WordPress sites then it is more likely to be attacked by cyber-attackers than others and nearly 46% of WordPress sites infected with malware. SiteLocks said, this indicates only updating the WordPress core application is not enough to protect your website from attackers you also have to update plugins and themes to get the extra protection.

SiteLock’s president Neil Feather says that “Hackers are constantly trying new avenues and new tactics to attack on websites and no one website is safe from hackers”. Site’s report said, Cybercriminals are now able to successfully breach a site, so businesses need to think on their current security posture and ensure they have both the right technology to tackle with the hackers.

Why we should care?

Now a days, cyber attackers use latest industry trend to hack websites and there are many websites which is affected by malware. Cyber attackers are always looking to attack on websites and it’s not just by limited to big websites but small and medium sized businesses websites are also affected.

And, we should care and take a step to provide protection on sites, if your website is affected by malware virus then it could be possible that our internal systems connected with hackers and they used our whole data against us. Ransomware is the biggest example that it was affected many businesses and hacked their websites and demand for the money.

Unfortunately, many businesses are not the aware about the security and not spend enough money to take right software and protection to minimize these problems.


To successfully win combat against the attackers, you have to be fully prepared to tackle those situations. Start using malware protection scanners. Use strong passwords with more than 10 characters. Invest on trusted anti-virus.

SiteLock suggests to avoid dictionary phrases, having at least one capital letter, one lowercase letter and one number. Use randomly generated passwords instead of those passwords which having your personal details. Take proactive step to secure your digital presence with an effective security plan.

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