Short Tour At CEBIT18

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CEBIT18, from where Digitization and Innovation start. Tech2Globe’s team had arrived to the place of Digitization and Innovation in Hannover, Germany at midnight of June 09, 2018, yeah 2 days before the inaugurated. And next day in the morning of June 10, 2018, we arrived for the destination of CEBIT for some setup or installation of Tech2Globe’s stall at Indian Pavilion end and we also met our German native speaker. And this year new CEBIT had amazing air of technology everywhere, everyone had multiple variety of services or projects, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Drones and so on. This time CEBIT has divided into 4 sections in d!conomy, d!tech, d!talk and d!campus with new concepts and new opportunities to help business to make connections and generated leads.

And, if you missed then I am going to share my experience and give you a short tour of CEBIT18. So, let’s start the tour.

Begun with Take-off Monday, lined up with top class speakers and presented how huge the topic of digitization is. And, at the premier, Volkswagen presented their vision in the form of SEDRIC – first fully autonomous vehicle. Tech2Globe experienced whole 5 days of CEBIT with more than 2,800 companies, over 600 speakers from 10 stages and 370 startups from across the world. As CEBIT explained – Innovation & Digitization everywhere, Hewlett Packard Enterprise presented how computers will be identifying the symptoms of disease and medication for the patient. Humanoid Robot – PEPPER by Soft Bank Robotics, SPOT MINI – ideal pet by Boston Dynamics and with EXOSKELETON people are able to live their life normal after a stroke. A VOLOCOPTER – Autonomous Air Taxi. Surfer’s paradise from Intel 1, that was quite amazing and so on technology everywhere in the air of CEBIT like – Internet of Things, Future Mobility, Block chains, etc.

And on the other side, Tech2Globe’s representative presented our productivity and skills as well on the Ecommerce Industry, Software, Data Management, Translation Services, BPO/KPO, and Digital Marketing and off course our in-house Tools that was on high demand by most of Giants. Live concerts with weeping guitars, dropping beats and beating drums from Giant Rooks & Mando Diao at d!campus – place for business and fun came together.

We had an amazing journey @CEBIT. We made connections with people, networks with other business delegations and generated lead as well for which this event was. We learnt so much and we achieved our objectives. And in the last we deeply appreciated those person, visitors and clients who helped us for the success of this event. Thank you CEBIT!


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