How To Sell Products Internationally via Amazon Global Selling

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Giant online retailer Amazon makes an effectual impression on eCommerce industry and completely changed the vehicle to selling and purchase products online. It also help small and mid-sized businesses to sell their products internationally without investing any extra bucks on brick-and-mortar store.

Through Amazon Global Selling (AGS) program that enables you to list and sell your products across the world on Amazon global marketplaces. No matter – you’re new in the amazon marketplace or never used before amazon.

With this global selling platform, you are able to expand your business internationally and target hundreds of millions international customers rather than to staying at local.

Along with, to make things easy for sellers, amazon also provides seller support to provide the solutions of your queries as well as there are lots of amazon third party service provider to offer you the complete solutions from A-to-Z and perform all the activities on the behalf of you.

But, before get into a dive, there are such things that you should’ve to consider to make things effective for you.

Select the country that you want to sell

Selection of the country that you want to sell, is the very first thing to consider to setup your business on Amazon global marketplaces. Currently, Amazon manage 11 online marketplace worldwide, 3 in North America, 5 in Europe and 3 in Asia.

Just 5 simple steps…

Amazon explained in just 4 simple steps, any seller can start selling their products globally and get the payment in their country currency with the help of amazon currency converter.

Step #1 – Decide what to sell
After selecting your desired country, the next step is to selecting your products categories that you want to sell. But before investing your dime in this, you should have to be aware about the violation policies of Amazon.

Amazon has their guidelines for selling products that you cannot sell on amazon global marketplaces and for some categories of products you have to take approval. Amazon is very strict about their guidelines and if you violate those then amazon suspend your account and in worst case they may be banned permanently from amazon marketplaces.

Step #2 – Register & List your products
Second step is to complete the following:

1. Registration process with the relevant information

2. Set-up your seller account – if you already use amazon marketplace then you don’t need to create separate           account for selling in multiple countries.

3. List your products – for listing, amazon has some specific features to list your products and translate your listing across the marketplaces.

Step #3 – Increase the Visibility

Third step is quite crucial step for your business because your products are not visible to the customers unless you’re going to put your efforts in to promote your business. This step involves Amazon Sponsored Products that help you to market your products, increase the visibility and improves the conversions.

Step #4 – Start Receiving Orders
After goes your account live, increased visibility of your products to consumers then you ready to receiving multiple orders for your products.

Step #5 – Shipment & Fulfillment & Payment

The fifth step is to set your products for shipment. If you’re selling your products internationally then in my advice, you definitely use Amazon FBA services. It includes to safely store your products in the warehouse and after placing the orders, the services pack your product and timely ship to the customer.

And about the payments, you’ll get your payment in your country currency in your registered bank account.

Effective TipIf you have more than 2 categorize of products to sell on amazon global marketplace then you should have to hire any amazon solution provider network, to easily manage your business with the multiple services like amazon advertising optimization, creating amazon A+ content, amazon product images & shoot and bilingual services and so on services.

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