Harvard Psychologists Says, Your Instagram Photos Reveals Your Truth

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Instagram is attaining more acceptability in these days and is quite famous amongst youngsters to posted photos, it plays a vital role in our daily lives as our daily routine by just clicking selfies, done crazy editing and publish on the platform with the captions.

The life we present on social media is much better that the reality lives, everyone is trying to showcase their good parts in the photos and eager to share their amazing moments even crowded double tapping on your photos can make you an overnight celebrity.

But, did you ever think that you’re every posted selfies or photos on Instagram reveal much more about you?

Harvard Psychologist studies have found, that your Instagram picture says more about your personality types, mental state and even more tell about your likes or dislikes; whether you like it or not to reveal.

So, what your Instagram photos reveals about you?

Research says, based on the editing, using filters on photos or your snap location could describe more than about your temperament that you’re the kind person or not, depressed or not or even disciplined or not.

Like to use black and white filters
In the Harvard Psychologist research found, depressed people are more likely to use darker and greyer filters in their photos and doctors are more able to find and diagnosing depression by just checking their patient’s Instagram pictures.

Like to present your relationship
If you’re one of them who are more likely to share clicks of your other half then it increases the chance that you’re more insecure about your relationship. Relationship experts also pointed out on those factors of insecure to post your partner’s gussy images with the caption of my man or my girl also the sign of possessiveness.

Like to posting gym selfies
Another type of selfies or photos people posted on the Instagram while doing workout in the gym. Report says, people who have great admire to the fitness or have faith in good physical appearance or place confidence in to update friends about their achievements on social media are infact narcissists.

Like to use different filters
Using different filters on the photos can more describe about you and increase the double tap on your photos even research says, those people who uses warmth filters like Valencia and Mayfair are to be gain more likes and more popularity then who use black & white or inkwell.

Like to use perfect framed
If you’re the kind of person who always love to enjoy planned behavior, self-discipline and always dressed to impress in every snap then you’re probably conscientious as well as you like to be in organized form and always wanted to show your perfect side. Along with, those people are more likely to present their mature side or mature activities.

Like to always laughing and smiling
People who always pose with laughing and broadly smiling, the more satisfying with the situation; they don’t care about the quality of the photos or dressed.

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