Finally, Gmail’s Undo Send feature available on Android

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Nothing is stressful situation to drop an email! The situation is getting more critical when you’re going to send an email to someone and that time was very stressful, you think twice before sent and again think twice, read content again and again and with spending several minutes to analysis the whole email then you hit the sent button.

But, what happened when you dropped a wrong email?

So, here comes the Google introduced the new features of its Gmail to rescue the wrong email. After 4 months of arriving on desktop, Gmail’s Undo Send feature introduced for the Android users as well. This new feature, which was spotted by Android Police which is available on the upgraded version of 8.7. In 2016, it was ready for iOS users and now it’s finally available for Android as well.

It saves people from the embarrassing in front of the others, saves from the mistakes which is accidentally happened and other email taboos. With this new feature, you have got some seconds to reconsider your life and recall your sent email by just press on the “UNDO” option which will be showing in bottom of the right after sent an email.

As it was introduced in March 2009 but finally arrived in 2015 on the web. And, now finally made for the Android in 2018.

Android Police also indicates it may not be showing up properly on update but after force closing the Gmail app was able to trigger it.

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