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In all organization, Employees is the major factor for generating the productivity. They give there 100% work support, available 24/7 for increases productivity for their organization or firm. Off course there is no doubt at all. But, Productivity with latest and modern techniques or Software is also provide a hike in your business.

And, instead of 100% availability, employees get a remuneration in the form of SALARY. For calculating exact Salary of Employees in manually or with old and obsolete techniques is very difficult work. Firstly, “You have to calculate how many days they worked?”, “How many leaves they taken?”, “How much Incentives or allowances for them” and so on. There are lots of problem with out-of-date techniques for calculating the exact Salary of the Employees. Everyone wants their wage against the hard work. After all, it is all about the Survival.


There is a very famous quotes that “If there is no struggle, there is no progress” but you have to make sure that struggling in a right and effective way. Struggling is ineffective way is totally waste of time and off course, there is no progress at all. So, here is the solution of your Struggling needs and i.e. the SALARY CALCULATOR with 100% accuracy and reliability. Get a Free Demo version of this tool. In this modern era, Business wants to become modern in any possible way with different types of techniques or software for increases the productivity and for convert from the Hard Work to Smart Work.


Salary Calculator is a tool or software, which is calculating the exact salary of the Employees with 100% efficiency. Accuracy is the main factor of everything and Salary Calculator have that Accuracy. Tech2Globe offers you the SALARY CALCULATOR in an effective and efficient way with advanced and modern features.

The purpose why we made The Monthly Salary Calculator is that we do made the software which can be accessed by any of the person to keep the record and maintain the salary record as well as attendance record so they can get the facility.


Tech2Globe is the youngest and most promising Software Developing Firm and it is the name of reliability and efficiency in every way of manner. Our motive is that to spread technology in all over the world for life and business become modern. We have experienced and professional team for creating, developing software solutions, Web, ERP solutions and Marketing and E-Commerce as well.

We have done many different projects for our clients in an effective and efficient way with 100% satisfaction. Tech2Globe is not only provide the prepaid services for enhance the business with productivity but we also provide the right guidance for running the successful business.


Our Salary Calculator can help you to calculate the Net Monthly Salary of Employees. This Software is not only for the Organization purpose but it is also for the Small Shopkeepers or vendors or for those who is unable to calculate Net Pay Scale to Employees.

    Merits of Salary Calculator:-

  • It provides the facility to be updated with the record of every individual easily who is working in your organization.
  • It helps you in making know the working status.
  • You can easily check the attendance of your employees with their time which they do access in a day.
  • You can easily use this software not only for an organizational purpose but for also small shops too.
  • Index Page- AT INDEX you can find multiple features also make changes and set few alignments like MONTH DATE, BASIC SALARY, HRA,TRANSPORT ALLOWANCES, OT, ETC. You can adjust it as per your convenience as if you set the parameter once it will help you in getting reports easily within seconds and make you work more easily.
  • It provides you 100% accuracy than any other.
  • Monthly Allowances Calculations with Date and Day calculations.
  • Employees Details and their Leave and Bank Details.
  • You can also make the Individual Report as well.



We made the Salary Calculator for enhance the business activity with smart work instead of hard work. Tech2Globe provides you the FREE DOWNLOADED VERSION of Salary Calculator up to 10 Employees benefit and we can also customized or upgrade Salary Calculator as per your company’s requirements. You can download this software from this link https://goo.gl/YJpfkw. For full versions or any customization, please contact us at info@tech2globe.com or you can call at 011-43010700.

We can understand the situation of any business economically and professionally as well. Our motive is not only just to make our brand name but we also care you and we always stand behind you for supporting to you in each and every way. This thing makes us different from our competitors, from others or from the Crowd, who is only to earn profit.

We really appreciated for giving us positive results from your side. We always offer you useful technology. If you really like our effort, please write us at info@tech2globe.com and you can also share us your feedback or suggestion for improving the productivity, we take this on priority basis. We are giving you right guidance with 100% accuracy and reliability or in Future also, please! Feel free to contact us problem or query related to our work or services or just knowing the market requirements. You can also join us on Facebook. Thank You!

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